Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ironbound Week 14 - temple trip!

Whats up family!
We had a solid week here in the Ironbound. No distractions or nothing. Just work, work, work and we saw some cool miracles. Spiritual and non spiritual. So we just can't be any happier with how the whole week went. Haha I laugh sometimes about how fun it is to be a missionary. Its nice always having a purpose and knowing what to do next. There is no like "ok well, what should I do now?" No its like sweet we got an extra 15 min lets find some new people, or 10 extra minutes at night-  let's study some Spanish. Its a lot of work but when you balance it with fun and have fun throughout the day, it all works out. I just enjoy it so much.

So we have a big push in the mission to find more people to teach and get out of just trying the same old people in the area books and going out and talking to people on the streets. Not going to lie, we dont find a lot of people by street contacting and hardly any progress at all, but we do show God that we are diligently teaching and searching and so he waits and then when the time is just right . Boom.  We get a text from our teenage member who just moved in with her friend and her friend's family and they all want to hear about the Gospel and come to church. And she even mentioned baptism. So we were like sweet! Lets go on Wednesday. We went and saw them all Its a mom and dad and three daughters and the uncle. The dad wasn't there this last time but the rest of them were. Taught them a Restoration and they had lots of questions about Joseph Smith. The lesson went alright but then the member texted us after and said that he family had been asking her questions after we left and they are all super interested and want to come to church. Sweet Miracle.

We had zone conference this last week with about a third of the mission. It was nice to see everyone. Got to sit by Elder Aspinall. Haha man we were just cracking up so much thinking about that transfer we had together. So much fun. He is a great guy. The conference was all about how we can go from just one progressing investigator to five progressing investigators. They also talking tons about how to work with the ward councils and with members better. Really good and powerful meeting. 

Alright Saturday was a crazy day. I just gotta tell you the whole story. So remember M--- and S---? So they got baptized last October and still haven't gone to the temple to do baptisms and this last week on Saturday was the ward temple trip and they had it planned to go finally. I mentioned a little about that last week I think. Ok so the rule is that 2 missionaries can go with a recent convert if it is their first time going to the temple. So for the last 2 weeks I have been telling M--- and S---  that they can take 2 missionaries to the temple with them. I mentioned to them a few missionaries that were here when they were being taught and when they were baptized because I feel like those missionaries had more priority over me,  because I have only been here for like 2 transfers. So I mentioned this to them like 3 times in the last 2 weeks and they always said okay yeah we will let you know. So Friday comes around and they still haven't mentioned anyone and didn't even mention they were going. So Saturday morning I was worried and wanted to make sure they were still planning on going so I texted them, "are you going to the temple today."  And they respond " Yes! We are going with the ward." So I was pumped they were going. About an hour after that I get a call and its S--- and she is like, "Elder I want you and Elder Warnock  to come to the temple today with us today." I was like, "wow okay sure when?" She says, "ahorita (right now)". So within 10 minutes I went from comp study to making like a half a dozen calls to being dressed ready to go to the temple. Haha I called President Taggart right off the bat and miracle he answered. He said yes. I called the temple. Then the zone leaders. Then Elder Warnock, who had no idea. Haha I said, "Hey Elder what are you doing right now?" He was like, "Um language study." Ha well "Wanna go to temple right now?" IT was crazy. So we went to the temple on Saturday with them and another sweet member here. It was a super cool experience and they both loved it. It was super special for all of us. It was a miracle to even be there.

So super solid week. We found new people and things are just going strong. Haha yes we still walk  A LOT. My companion's foot isn't bothering him. He has only mentioned it like once in the past week or two. We are doing great. Thanks for the prayers. I pray for you all so much every day. I love you

 Elder Sumsion

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