Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ironbound Week 15

Hello family,   5/4/2015

We are having a great time here in New Jersey and the weeks are just getting better and better. We have a big mission focus on finding new people to teach right now. I'd say that is one of the toughest challenges of missionary work, especially here in Jersey. Finding people that will listen is hard, finding people who will actually progress and keep commitments is beyond that. We made an all mission goal to find a good amount of people in April and we made a few district goals. So this last week we did tons of talking to people in the streets and made so many calls, and even knocked a few doors. Things we usually do but we just stepped up the level a lot. Finding is pretty interesting because it has soooooo much to do with your faith. Honestly a missionary could go out and work as hard as he needs and talk to hundreds of people everyday, and still find nobody. Like it says in Alma 26, God grants missionaries success. The missionaries dont create their own success, it comes from God. Thats why we do our best to focus on truly being worthy and listening to the Spirit throughout the day. If we believe it can happen, it can happen. God knows which people are ready, and he will let us know.

So we found a lady this past week. We contacted her on the street last Sunday. She is atheist and was like, "No, im really not that interested sorry." We pretty much just said with smiles on our faces, "Come on just let us come over just once and see how you like it." She agreed and gave us her address and number. We set a lesson with her and she juked but this past Saturday we were walking by and knocked her door and she was there. We asked pretty upfront and direct, "Can we share something with you? Right now?" She agreed and we taught her on her porch. Wow, I remember thinking, "What on earth are we supposed to teach her, let alone, start out with?" We basically just became familiar with her beliefs and then things just started clicking together. We felt inspired to share the Plan of Salvation pamphlet with her. We did come across a similar belief: We both believe in THIS life.... Haha we explained where we came from and why were here and where we are going. And we just bore testimony about families, because we saw her kids through the door. Her husband is atheist as well. I dont know what happened but something hit her, and before we could ask if we could return and share more with her family, She asked us, "So when can you guys come back?" So sweet. So we are seeing her this next week. The Spirit guided that lesson.

Well turns out this past week, one of our other recent convert couples started having problems. F----- and P----. They are one of my favorite families here on the mission. Super strong and love joking around and laughing with us. Its them two and their little daughter. Great family but man, some more problems. We had a great lesson with them last night and we were going to read part of this Chapter in 3 Nephi 18, but the Spirit told us to share the whole thing so we did. So we read verse by verse with them in a circle and some random scripture in the middle of it really hit home to them and they just told us what was going on a little bit. They are really seeking to follow all the commandments, and its pretty obvious that satan is opposing them. Man, we just bore powerful testimony and told them how much we love them and how much God loves them. Things are going to be alright! 

Had interviews this last week with President. It was great and I learned a lot. He is a great man. 

We had stake conference this past week as well. Sang in the stake choir. WHAT????...... WHY??? Well they pretty much made us... Agency was taken... I still dont like to sing... so that part about me still hasn't changed... 

Ha no riots in Jersey. Just a protest. Life is good

Love you tons.
Elder Sumsion

Noche de Talentos - She did a Honduras dance.

Notice the words on the shirt - ha!  She said she had no idea where she got it.

Our temple trip last week.

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