Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ironbound Week 11

What a week is was. General Conference was amazing the past two days. Wow I was just blown away at how much I felt the Spirit and enjoyed the testimonies on the Apostles and Prophets. I think Sunday morning was one of the best sessions I have ever heard. There was just such a dense Spirit in that meeting that made me feel the power of it all. What a blessing. I especially loved Elder Brent Nelson's and Elder Holland's. It was a powerhouse and definitely life changing. Well I can't believe Chloe (his sister on a mission) is heading home this week. Thats been on my mind a ton the past few days. Its been nice having her out here with me. Honestly, its felt like we were super close even though we didn't have the best communication for the last 18 months. But wow she is actually heading home and I will miss her serving out here with me but I know she will do great things at home. Give her a hug for me!

We had a pretty rough week with one of our recent convert families. Well pretty much they got married about 6 months ago and we went by this last Monday and they told us they wanted to separate. Flip. So we talked it through with them for a little bit. We can only do so much because were not marriage counselors or anything. We then prayed with them and left, not sure what to do. The Bishop is out of town now. But we called E. Warnock and I told him whats up because he was there when they were getting taught so they know him pretty well. So on Tuesday night we went on a mini-exchange, me and him, and went over and wow it was powerful. Elder Warnock shared this story about two missionaries in Russia and how they were protected and taught the people there and then they fed us some Brazilian BBQ and then we talked about how powerful family scripture study and family prayer is. And the importance of going to church to center their relationship back on Christ. It was a pretty powerful lesson and we didn't give any marriage tips (don't have any) but we did teach them what we did know. The Gospel. And we knew that that would help them more than anything. So it went well. And they are doing a lot better now. They had us over on Friday to eat some famous fish soup that is traditional for the Holy Week in Ecuador, and they were both smiling and happy. They are awesome. 

We ate 9 times this last week. SOOO delicious but wow wayyyy to much food. Ha its a fun variety. Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and Brazilian. its like heaven. We barely have to buy groceries every week. Seriously I buy like milk and cereal (hate to break it to ya) and a few other small things. But besides that, we just get fed so much so we dont need any food. We haven't been walking a lot lately because we have been teaching more and had a few meetings. But the walking helps mellow the stomach out. So we have been in some need of some more walking.

I know this Gospel is true and it will bless anyone who lives it and that Christ died and lived again for all of us so we can be happy. Thats what this whole thing is about. Thanks for being such an amazing family. 

Love ya lots,

Elder Sumsion

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