Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ironbound Week 10


And we made it. After a few months of working with him, M--- got baptized yesterday!!!! Oh man it was such a cool experience. It all came together so nicely and yesterday was such a spiritual (and exhausting day)! Ha that was tough putting a baptism together while fasting. I almost passed out a few times. But hey vale la pena. But really it was a great week. We saw him almost 3-4 times this passed week and brought the Bishop with us and it just turned out so well in the end. We had his baptismal interview scheduled for Saturday night and he called us at like 7 and said he was still working. He finally arrived at 8 or so and we walked to the church by 8:20 and he passed his interview. It was like 9 then. So we had to snag a ride off some other missionaries to give us a ride home. We lived like an hour and 15 minutes from the church. It has been such a fun time teaching him though. He had such good desires from the first time we taught him. He accepted a baptismal date the first lesson and the only thing holding him back was a little with the word of wisdom and he had to work a lot so we weren't able to see him as often as we wanted. But it all worked out in the end. Check out the pictures. E Marquez was pumped to baptize him. Baptisms are some hard work here but I am so grateful for the chance to be part of one of them these last few months. Its cool how God makes things work out when we just try our best and act and repent when we make mistakes. It has been a good road. Now with this fire we are looking for some more people!

Yay!  This man was his own referral and well prepared - so great.

 Haha mom when you said that it seems like my area is tough and in a drought of a teaching pool, I almost laughed. haha the area I am in is the bomb. Seriously we have so much work we don't even have time to see everybody. Ha we have to fend off other missionaries from poachin' our members because we have so many. We have to schedule things in advance if we want to see the right people. Almost everyone works in the day so from 5-9:30 we are super busy. But I guess I haven't been super good emailing about that. Yes we need the prayers still tough. ha no but we are just working hard, walking a lot, and praying all the time. Its a super fun place to be. We are eating like none other too and all the walking is nice to get all that food settled. Seriously this place is the bomb and I hope I stay at least one more transfer! I will try to include a few more stories and things. We just had a baptism so this week we will be looking for some new investigators. We have a few but none are progressing super well so this week we will be hitting the streets and talking a lot. There is a new Easter video about Christ and the Resurrection called: Because He Lives. So they give us these cool little pass along cards specifically designed for Easter and this video. Its pretty powerful stuff. Not gonna lie, the church is pretty good at what they do. By that I mean, Christ is really good at what he does and good at preparing for what he wants done. So yeah we are seeing miracles.

It just hit me again this past week about how blessed I am. Seriously thanks for being such an awesome family. Its a good life and I can see how God has put me in certain places in my life and now the mission so I can learn and grow but also just be happy. I am doing good in this area and the zone around me is awesome. The members are great. The weather is good. There are just so many things to be grateful for. I just base it all off the Gospel and of what YOU do for me! God is so merciful and loving. 

I love all the pictures you are sending. I will try to send more myself. Love the smiles and the bike riding. Nice job, Sam, on giving that class in relief society and priesthood. That's intense and in front of a lot of people! I am glad things are going good. Thanks for all the love and packages. The brownies were great. Thank you! Wow if things are tough for anyone reading this, just know things will get better if you live according to the Gospel. Things will always get better. I know it to be true. Yes we have our dips and dives but happiness is God's plan.

Love you all,
Elder Sumsion

ouch poor racoon! - nature in Ironbound

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