Monday, April 13, 2015

ironbound Week 12

You're in the same picture!

(We sent this to him...)

Sister Sumsion on the way home from the airport from the Iowa Des Moines Mission

Well hello family and Chloe included this time!

Haha okay wow can I just say- I can't believe Chloe is home!!! I love all the pictures and all the emails you sent today. Seriously, it has been a very happy last few minutes reading about how it all went down and seeing all the fun pictures. Woohooo!! That is so exciting. That was one weird week though. It was just like okay Chloe is still a missionary... and now she is not... now she is with the family... and now she gets to sleep... I even wrote her going home in my planner. Haha but, honestly, it was more of a happy week than a sad one. Yes, I would've loved to be a part of it, but I felt good being here. It was just a sense of peace. So I am doing great and no Im not trunky even though every part of my soul is telling me to be trunky after seeing all your beautiful faces. haha nah really im fine.

What a week we had though. I know I say that every week but this one was especially awesome. We saw tons of random miracles throughout the whole week. First off, we are staying in the IRONBOUND together!!! So pumped for that. The transfer text came in this morning and we are staying so its all good. They were thinking about pulling us both out and doubling us in to a different area with a car to help E. Marquez' foot. but he played it off nice and told them he was fine.... SO we are staying. hallelujah. I've been praying for it and its going to be a great new transfer. Like half our zone is leaving though. We pretty much had the dream zone last transfer with tons of friends and crazy fun missionaries. They are all leaving though. E. Warnock is staying and this is his last transfer. Crazy. Talked to Elder Packer this morning and he is training!!! So excited for him. Ha I told him to get ready to meet his last companion! Ha he is a good friend. Other than that things are pretty much the same. 

Okay next miracle! M--- got confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting and it all just went so smoothly and peacefully. He even walked all the way to church. He is doing great and is just soaking everything in. He absolutely loved General Conference last week. He was blown away that some of the quorum of the 70 actually were native Spanish speakers. Cool huh! 

Next miracle: This week we found four new investigators, which may not sound like a lot at all but trust me its a lot and they are all super solid. One was another media referral again named J---. (Miracle!). Seriously third one (media referral) my whole mission! He is this super old Peruvian guy who has a crazy thick accent and is super tranquilo. We started teaching him and we saw that his son was in the other room so right after the prayer, we went over and invited his son into the lesson. The father accepted baptism the first lesson and we set a date for the baptism the second lesson. Miracle!

Okay next miracle on the line: we found three less actives this past week. Ive probably knocked on each of their doors like 10+ times looking for them and no answer or anything. So this week we were just walking by and we stopped and tried each of them, three separate people, and they all let us in. It was weird how it all happened on the same week. What in the world?

Remember that family with the marriage problems last week? Yeah we got over this week and guess what! Everything was different and they are doing great no. Like no problems or anything. So again another miracle.

Well it feels weird to have 3 months left but things are just going good out here. Im excited to stay in the Ironbound for another and hopefully another after that! Thanks for being an awesome family. Glad it was a great week for all of us!

Love your boy,

Elder Sumsion

The hood - Newark NJ graffiti 

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  1. Hey Elder Sumsion. Just thought you'd like to know that thats my graff you took a picture in front of! Holler.