Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ironbound Week 13

Okay what in the world, this week was awesome and crazy and long and just everything in between. So many ups and downs and twists and turns. The week started off super weird, like half our zone left including three of my good friends as well. Okay seriously though, God answers prayers and I know for a fact that he knows us perfectly. He doesn't take everything we love away from us, there is always good things, friends, and people to turn to. We stayed in the same district and Elder Warnock got called as our district leader. Pretty funny because he only has a few weeks left. Big change up in the mission though. Everyone got switched around in seems like. I am just pumped to be with E Marquez for another here in the IRONBOUND. We are going to blow this place up.

I asked E. Marquez for a blessing the other day.  I have been learning about charity. I think God has been trying to get me to focus more on that for a long time. A lot changed in me that day. Like I was reborn. I can still feel it.  Haha I dont know, I felt so good and just full of energy. Its not like Ive been oblivious to charity before but it hit me a little differently this time. Just more often recommitting to focusing on the work is a pretty big tool to missionary work, I've found. Its blessed me a lot.

We saw M--- and S--- last night. They were the ones that were having a few problems. Haha okay they are like super solid and strong now. We taught them about temples last night, but we taught it differently because we realized that EVERY time we talk about temples with them then something comes up and the devil sneaks his way in and they start having problems again. So we shared Helamen 5:12 with them and pretty much just told them that Satan does not want them to go to the temple but they have more power than Satan if they build their foundation of life on Christ. It was sweet. They are seriously sooooo excited to go. Every time we talk about the temple, S--- always puts her hand over her heart and says that she can feel the spirit just burning in her heart. It was like introducing candy to a child. They are so excited.

Played some intense soccer on Saturday. Okay I haven't had that good of exercise in like 6 months. It was a sweet indoor tournament in the church. 4 v 4 and in this tiny gym in the church. (only a few churches here have full gyms). It was like a multi stake thing. So I saw tons of member from Short Hills and Jersey City. Way sweet. It was some serious soccer. Never seen these members get so intense. One of our investigators, Mauro, wanted to play so we made a team with his and his little brother. Haha we held our ground alright. We lost 0-3 though and we were out first round. Kinda lame but it was super fun. I miss playing intense soccer like that.

Things are good, hood, and rollin. Loving life. 

Love Elder Sumsion

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