Monday, March 23, 2015

Ironbound Week 9 - Happy birthday!

March 23, 2015    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO SENT HIM BIRTHDAY WISHES especially the dear family who made him dinner and the cute Primary kids and leaders in New Jersey!!!

Awesome members made him this great cake!  SUD stands for

santos de los ultimos dia! (latter day saints)

Just want to start off and say thank you for all the birthday wishes! It was seriously an awesome day! I loved all the goodies in the package you sent. I decided to share a lot of it with others in the zone too. I cant eat all that myself so I let others enjoy it with me. I saved the good stuff so no worries. Haha nah I'm messing. But seriously I loved it and felt all your love. It was a pretty great birthday. On Thursday night these one members invited us over. Holy smokes it was so legit. They went and bought this super nice cake for me! Check out the pictures. Man, I almost felt guilty it was so legit. They had balloons. And then they made us a super good meal. Rice with bacon in it? Sweet chicken. and some shrimp salad. It was unreal how good it tasted. So definitely felt the love that night. On Friday, the 20th my actual birthday, we had a big meeting in Morristown for all the new missionaries and trainers. Some of the zone leaders were there as well so I got to see E. Bellavance because he is still a zone leader, Elder King, my old zone leader, and some old companions too! The meeting was good and learned a lot. Super long! Haha but we did tons of role plays and listened to a bunch of trainings. Then that night, turned out the the primary was working on their duty to God requirements about service. So they threw a big surprise party for all us missionaries in the Spanish ward (10 of us!) and one of the little girls in the primary had her birthday the same day as well. So we celebrated together. They sand happy birthday, shared some service scriptures with us, played games, and gave us dinner! It was awesome. So it was a super happy birthday. 

Cute Primary and Elder Sumsion and Elder Warnock.  So sweet!

Craziest week in a LONG time though. Turns out E. Marque foot has been hurting him pretty bad so he called the mission nurse and doctor and they just wanted him to go get an x-ray of it. So we spent all morning on Wednesday getting that and talking to doctors. They didn't see anything wrong. At first they wanted him to be off his feet for a few days. haha we explained that really wasn't possible and no way we are staying inside for a week. I would die. So they recommended we go see a podiatrist to see if he can do something. We go there Thursday morning. Turns out its the day the doctor called in sick. So we weren't able to see him but the other doctor gave him a boot to wear around. (He has called like a million doctors. Ha) So he has been wearing that until we can get a new appointment with the podiatrist. So we have been running around to doctors appointments and pharmacies all week. SO that added to the craziness of the week as well. Luckily, we have been doing our best to get more rides to places so he won't have to walk on his foot as much.

Also, we have M--- who was supposed to get baptized this week which didn't happen. With the craziness of our week and the craziness of his, we just weren't able to see him enough.

Spent a little while this past week as well planning out college stuff too. It feels weird to be planning for college classes and stuff but hey its gotta be done. I have been talking to tons of missionaries to see what advice they give for classes as well. So I have it sorta figured out. I read a ton of stuff on the college websites so its been making a little more sense. Still have no idea what Im in for next year! Haha I have it laid out a little though. Praying a lot about it so things should be sweet this fall!

We didn't get our sushi run in yet. Hopefully this next week!

Thanks for everything. I am doing great and super happy! I think spring is finally here. It was 28 this morning but its sunny now. 

I love you,

Elder Sumsion

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