Monday, March 2, 2015

Ironbound Week 6

To my family,

So much has happened this last week. I don't even know where to start. I feel like a lot of crazy things happened that earlier in my mission would've stressed me out majorly but I feel like I handled it all pretty well this last week. I have developed more of a just "roll with it" attitude.  Thursday night roles around. We get halfway through planning when Im like uh oh President is calling. I answer and yeah I got called to be a trainer again. Pretty sweet. I wasnt really expecting it. I was actually praying a lot to just stay here with Elder Andrus for another but I am pretty grateful for the trust The Lord has in me and President Taggart has in me to call me to train again. Either that or they are giving me another shot because I messed up last time. Round II. Haha nah im messing. But train away! It will be a good couple of weeks. Ill probably be here for the next 12 weeks which I am pumped for. This area is seriously heaven. Not feeling too stressed about training, honestly. Im really just planning on being myself. I feel like people try to put themselves at some higher level sometimes or try to be better than they really are when they train but hey Im just going to keep living and working my mission as I've always done and look for progression. We are going to have some fun and flipping work our legs off and our hearts until the end! 

We taught two of our recent converts last week how to make and eat french toast. We went over at 8 to their house and cooked some up with them. They didn't have syrup and neither did we so we had to go buy some. Haha the look on their faces were so funny when they were eating it. They would swallow and say yeah I like it, but the look on their face said otherwise. You have to realized these people are used to eating bread and soup for breakfast. It was pretty funny.

M--- is progressing so well. A few weeks ago he was like Elders Im moving and we were like oh flip that means we wont be able to teach him anymore. He kept saying pasando el puente which is like just over the bridge. We were thinking just over the bridge! Thats Kearny and the sister's area. Turns out he meant the highway bridge and he still lives in Harrison, which is part of our area! We were pumped. Taught him the word of wisdom this last week. He was like "What I cant drink wine, come on Elderes. and no tea?" Ha we were like well this is a commandment from God and we explained that its not about what the commandment is but rather if the commandment is from God or not. After a while he was like," Alright I'll live it." So sweet. And he was supposed to work yesterday and couldn't go to church but he called us yesterday morning and told us he could come! He is awesome and excited for his Baptism.

Its been quite the week though. The zone is getting split I think. So many crazy changes. Before it was pretty easy to tell what was going on with transfers but now it is like impossible. They are cutting areas and combing others and doubling out zone leaders. It is just nuts and hey I am just rolling with it. Elder Nelson my zone leader is staying. He is a boss and been a good friend since my like 2nd transfer so Im pumped for that. This zone is super close.

Summer is coming. Haha we have had three sunny days this past week! Snow is melting. It snowed last night like 4 inches but its pretty much all melted already! Im pretty pumped for spring and the warm weather. Thank you so much for the package of the handwarmers and thermals. Winter isn't quite over yet so they will be put to use. Ill share them with my new companion as well. Pretty excited.

Hope all is well.  Keep up the work with RS mom. You are changing lives. 

Love you, 

Elder Sumsion 

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