Monday, March 16, 2015

Ironbound Week 8 - BIRHTDAY THIS WEEK

Hello Family!   March 16, 2015

Can I just start off by saying thanks for all the birthday love! (HIS BIRTHDAY IS FRIDAY 20th) I love reading all these emails and seeing the pictures. I am just grateful for such an amazing family. Seriously, thank you for always making me happy. I love you!!!
We had quite the week. Super busy with all our meetings and studies and lessons. I dont even know how to jam this all into one email but Ill pick out the highlights for you. Things are going great with training. Its crazy how much different I am training now than I did before. Before I was just so young and was still learning everything myself Ha! Luckily, Elder Class and I got along great and we learned together and I did my best to teach him what I knew. Ha he was a champ. Speaking of him, I saw him the other day at our meeting. He is getting old haha he already has 14 months on the mission! With Elder Marquez, its different because he is pretty mature and I feel like we just our a normal companionship. He struggles a lot with Spanish. I am teaching about 90% of things right now but we are working little by little so he can teach more. But besides that we are just working great together. He is really good at strategy and read all sorts of books about it at home. I am learning a ton from him about it too. So we bounce ideas off each other all the time. I think it was a bit of a shock for him to see how different the wards were here than in Utah and California. Same church but different people. Thats for sure. We have been teaching and walking tons! I'm afraid we may have walked to hard the first few weeks. His right foot and knee is starting to hurt him a lot. Snap...

We had a sweet  all mission conference this past week. It actually was just the Northern half of the mission. It was nice to see all my old mission friends. A lot of my Jersey City zone was there too, so we got to catch up on things. I think one reason I got called to this mission was the social aspect of things. Our mission is super tight and there are a lot of missionaries in a really small area. We see other missionaries almost every single day. It would be weird to me to feel so isolated. Like right now for example, there are 8 of us missionaries in the library emailing! Ha between the Portuguese branch, the English branch, and the Spanish ward on Sunday, there are over 20 missionaries! We all share the same building so we are all there at the same time. Obviously when its time to work, we work! but its nice to be around so many awesome missionaries during meetings and church. Its a blessing to me. At the mission conference, they talked a lot about what it really means to 'receive the Holy Ghost.' You don't necessarily get the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost with you when you get confirmed, but through your righteous actions God will give you the Holy Ghost to guide you. It was a cool new way to look at things. We are just trying to find a way to get more convert retention in the mission. It was a solid meeting.

M--- is doing great. He is accepting of everything. We have his baptism for this weekend. It is dependent on his work schedule though. We need to see him a few more times before Sunday but lately his work has been making him work late. We cant really see him past 7:30 because it takes us an hour to walk home from his house. We do tons of walking. I am used to it, but I can tell its eating away at my comp. So we are looking into the bus schedule. The problem is is that at night, all sort of transportation is slower than walking here. But M--- is doing great. We have been bringing a few members over to get to know him more.

The real question is food. Everyday we ask ourselves ok are we going to get fed today or not. Ha its like completely random with the members. One day we will be starving and the next we will be stuffed out of our minds. Ha cant we just get some balance here? Ha its pretty funny.

I love hearing how you are all doing. Thank you for the emails! I love them. Thank you for the letter each week as well mom. I know that might be a lot of work. Thank you for it! 

We have half the ward wanting to feed us for my birthday! One member is making dinner for us on Thursday. Some two solid recent converts are taking us to get Mexican food on the 20th! And I have been dying for SUSHI, ha so I might go grab some if we get a moment. We found a cheap place. Thank you. Your love and support is means more than anything I could ask for. 

Love you,

Elder Sumsion

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