Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ironbound Week 7 - Trainer

How it going family! Quite the week we just had. Pretty busy and lots of work to get done! Training is going awesome. My new companion is Elder Marquez from Sacramento, California, and truly already a solid missionary. He is very smart and likes thinking things though very detailed. So he brings tons of awesome ideas, most of them I am like wow never thought of doing that! He sees a need or a problem and then thinks of tons of solutions to get it done. So its been going good. His dad is from Columbia and mom from California and all the members think he Mexican, its pretty funny. He didn't speak any Spanish with his dad at home so he is still learning a lot. But we well get his Spanish rolling in no time. For now, I have had to do a lot of the talking and teaching and doing my best to get him more involved in lessons and Spanish situations. We get an extra  hour of comp study so we are doing tons of role plays to get it going. I have no doubt he will be a boss missionary in no time because he pretty much already is!

 The zone got changed up a ton too. A lot of fun missionaries came/stayed in the Newark zone. Elder Nelson stayed as zone leader here which I am grateful for. Elder Sales, my old district leader stayed. Elder Warnock came here. He has been a good friend since the beginning. We served as zone leaders at the same time and he served as a zone leader with Elder Aspinall, so we all talked and hung out a lot. He is from Bountiful. His dad is Brent Warnock, his dad went to Viewmont? I dont know if you know him, dad. But a boss. Sister Josse (the one who has her aunt in Park City who you went to visit mom) came to the zone too. I dont know if you really know any of these people I mentioned. haha probably not. But to make things simple: I am surrounded by boss missionaries and some good friends. Starting with my comp so things are good.

We taught M--- a few times this past week. Went through a lot of the commandments with him. I think Elder Marquez was pretty excited to teach him too because we do a lot of less active work here so he was pumped to go see an investigator and a progressing one too! We taught him the Gospel, 10 commandments (with handsigns to remember), follow the prophet, and law of chastity. He accepted them all and doing great. We may have to move his baptism back a week. We haven't been able to see him as much as we would like because he randomly gets called into work or his home late from work. He didn't make it to church this last week. But he has such strong desires. We are seeing miracles with him. He lives pretty far from our house. Its like a hike to get home sometimes. We are looking into the bus schedule but the traffic moves really slow here and it'll probably be faster walking anyway. 

We ate Cuy for the first time last night. (Shout out to Elder Peters!) I have been dying to try it here. It is an Ecuadorian dish. Its pretty much Guinea Pig but a little bigger than the ones here in america. This stuff was imported from Ecuador. The members that fed it to us said that they tasted better from Ecuador, so they had their family send some. Pretty good, tasted like BBQ pork but a little tangier flavor. A lot of bone and skin and not a lot of meat. But the stuff you could get off was good. They are some boss members named Fanny and Pablo. They were baptized a year ago or so. He was a professional shoe shiner so he also gave us a quick shoe shine for free! ha they are the best.

We have been looking for more people to teach. Story of my mission. Story of every mission. We have been walking a lot and trying tons of people. We weren't able to find any last week but a few potentials. The weather has been weird. Snow then sunny then snow then sunny. After daylight saving yesterday it felt like summer just hit. It is pretty warm now outside. I love the feeling of being able to proselyte at 7 and its still bright outside. In the winter it gets dark at like 4:30. So it really feels like spring is coming which is scary because its almost my last season here. I read this in the Bible last week as I was studying Matthew, made my heart jump :

“Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:"

Haha Jesus just reminded me to keep working hard until the end.

Doing great, working hard. Thanks for the food and handwarmers! I am soooo glad you got some skiing in and got to go with the Harris too. Sam, your outfit looks fresh. Cant wait to shred with you.  And sooo pumped that the stake ice skating turned out good. I am praying for you all. Thank you for being such a heavenly family. You mean so much to me!

I love you all,

Elder Sumsion

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