Monday, December 29, 2014

Jersey City - Week 21 - CHRISTMAS

December 29, 2014


So nice to talk to you ALL this past week. I didn't even know that was possible to have us all on the same call. Not gonna lie, that was sweet. It really worked out well that we had just a little time with everyone. A little with mom, dad, and Sam. Then Chloe. Then Alexis. The family just built before my eyes. Very good to see everyone and hear everyone is doing great. Our family is awesome. Love it.

We had a good week this past week. We didn't get to teach as much as we liked but it was a really good Christmas week. On Monday our ward organized a caroling session right in journal square where everyone gets off of the trains from New York. It was mainly just the missionaries singing but hey we made the best of it and had some fun. I don't know if we sounded like MotAb but hey we brought the Christmas spirit to NJ. Ha we had hot chocolate and cards to pass out to people walking by. Ha who would've known Elder Sumsion would be singing in the middle of Jersey City to preach the Gospel. Yes, the mission changes people. Fun night for sure.

On Christmas we had a zone party in the morning at 7:30. Opened presents and ate breakfast then played a couple of board games together. Won in monopoly. It was a close call. Ha then we got to Skype with you. Then later that night we went to our members house and taught them and she made us lomo salteado. Delicious. Her mom who isn't a member even joined in the lesson. It was a happy Christmas. Nothing better than sharing the good news this Christmas season. We really did have a good day. Felt the love for sure and shared it as well.

Well our baptism with J___ we decided to bump to next week. He is still good to go, but we had plans to teach him the remaining last lessons but time was cut short, so instead of rushing through everything we just decided to push it to the next week. It was a cool experience though. We were waiting outside his house for him to show up to the lesson and we were thinking and decided to move it to the next week. When he showed up we explained it too him and he was grateful for it. But that night we sat down and for the first time in like 8 lessons his brother and C--- sat down too and asked us tons of questions about EVERYTHING.  They really were sincere and just wanted to know, they weren't trying to fight. We feel like we answered them well and it was a spiritual experience for everyone involved. They still didn't want to listen to all the lessons but it was good progression for them. We haven't even picked them up as investigators but it was awesome that night to see them be more involved. Finally, les caemos bien.

Things are going great. We have a nice chill week to get some work done and hit the streets hard. Next week we will have lots of meetings and exchanges. Super pumped though.

Cant believe its almost 2015!

How the powder skis floating for you, Sam?

Love you,
Elder Sumsion


Yeah I forgot my planner with everything written down. So next week ILl send em. THanks family for all the gifts though. Loved the socks, and white shirts, and ties. and that cool sweater

Video of Ben speaking a little spanish...

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