Monday, December 29, 2014

Jersey City - Week 20 Before Christmas

Dec 22, 2014

What a week! So good to see Alexis ha! It was pretty funny. We got to the temple about 15 min early because we planned ahead and so we were just standing as a zone outside when I hear my other name (BEEENNN!) Ha turn around and Lex is running at me. It was pretty chill. We just talked for like 10min then we went in. Everyone always asks if its hard to see her or leave her. I'm always sayin no its pretty normal actually. 

Holy smokes though. Planning for a temple trip was crazy. Look at us two 19/20-years-olds trying to take a group of 16 from Jersey into Manhattan and make sure we don't get lost or we leave anybody. Lots of planning and lots of prayers everyone made it in and out. We have very strict rules about going to the temple from the Area Seventy, just based on the fact that the temple is out of our mission. So we had to be there early and then make sure we got back to our areas by 6. No unnecessary walking in NY or nothing. Just in and out. Everything turned out great though. We took the PATH trains from Journal Square to the World Trade Center and then from there took the subway up to the temple. We planned the beginning part but the other half we asked these two senior missionaries to help us once we got into NY. So nobody got lost and we all made it there actually pretty stress free. Most chill temple trip I have been on so far. Things just worked out. And the new temple video is sweet! I have only seen two of the new ones. I heard there is more? I don't know but it was cool and very well done.


We had a big all mission Christmas party this last Friday in Morristown. Wow our mission is big. Ill send the all mission photo we took. But it was a good party? ha I told Kelvin that it was a mission party, but then I realized that it really wasn't a "party." More of a conference. It was pretty much just talks and eating and talking to other missionaries. But hey it was a party to us. Saw all my old companions. Talked a lot to Elder Vargas. Man, he only has a month left! The mission is awesome. We are all pretty close together geographically so its really social. Which causes problems at times but usually its a blessing to be around so many missionaries. Super fun though. I loved seeing all my old friends and people who were in my zone and district. A lot of them are gone, but many are still here. We played a couple of minute to win it games and the price is right. President and Sister Taggart were fun and funny. We all got our packages at the end. Its like Christmas day. Dad, Shout-out for the tooth brush. I have had so many people ask. Ha

Well J--- (our investigator) is doing great! He has a few questions about modern day prophets and Joseph Smith. He was asking us about it and we did our best to explain but it all came down to just praying about it. That's what everything comes down to really. So he is praying about it and he will be all set for the 28th. Really though this guy is amazing. He missed church a week ago and we came the next time and we hadn't even invited him again and he said he would be there that week. And he stuck to his word because he came yesterday! He is getting to know the ward more and more. He always texts US and follows up on his own reading or just to say whats up. Please pray for him that he will be ready for the 28th of December for his baptism. He is such a stud.

Pumped to get to talk to you. Honestly, we have been planning tons of zone stuff, but Elder Bellavance and I have no idea what we are doing or where we are going for calls. I will give you a quick call to tell you whats going on. Probably on Wednesday. Oh and we have our time changed to only 40 min this year. SO a little shorter than last. Im down for whatever; if we want to do it together. I will see what I can do. But we will find something.

Hope all is good. Pumped that Sam got a new job at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory! That's whats up!


Elder Sumsion

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