Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jersey City - Week 17

Hola Familia
Happy dia de accion de gracias!

Haha nah who am I kidding. All the Hispanics here just say "thanksgiving." Its way shorter to say it in English than Spanish. Ha Okay sounds like you had a party at the house for thanksgiving. And wow that turkey was massive too. Only on the west coast can you go to a Turkey Auction. Thanksgiving here was awesome as well. We woke up and we drove to Newark for a missionary Turkey Bowl. We played football with zones 5 and 6. The Taggarts came to our as well. Oh my goodness. There was like an inch of snow on the ground on the field. Everyone was slippin and sliding everywhere. It even started snowing huge flakes when we were playing. So awesome. Then we went down to Bayonne and ate a thanksgiving lunch with some missionaries and the branch down there. We played a couple of games with the members as well. It was so funny. I was laughing a lot. Then we drove over to one of our members who lives in downtown Jersey City. Super Nice Apartment. They fed us a mix of American Thanksgiving and Bolivian food. They even had a honey ham. It was a delicious meal. Then we played this game where everyone has to write down words but we played in Spanish so they all wrecked us. Good day though. I love being with all these happy missionaries all with the same purpose. They are all so excited and full of energy and we are always laughing together. I really love this mission.

Things are getting freezing though! On Wednesday we had a no driving day because it was supposed to snow and it did but it was more of like super slushy snow. Terrible for powder skiing. So we were soaked through in like an hour and then the wind chill made it like 5 degrees and we were already sopping wet. It was a cold day. We did get to teach our investigators the He--- family that day. They aren't progressing too strong right now. We cant seem to figure anything out with them. There is no drive in their faces. I don't know we are going to try a little harder with them. A lot of people here just need that little bit of a push. We have been way more bold with people lately and trying to help them see they can do it with faith. But today it is super warm. We are going to play ultimate Frisbee as a zone. Its like 60.

We hopped out of our car on Monday and these two black guys in a car drove by and were like," Hey you Mormons? Meet us around the corner we want to talk to you for 5 min." Ha little sketch but it didn't feel anything dangerous or anything. So we went and talked to them. Turned out that we talked to them for about an hour. They had some crazy good questions about how we recognize truth. Yeah they were a little out of it at times but it was all good. Then this old guy walks by and joins the conversation. Ha they called him "old g." Ha they had some boss questions and some answers they said to our questions were just hilarious. The way they would express themselves though was so great. They all just used so many hand motions and such loud speech. If you were a person walking by, it would look like we were fighting or something. Ha they were nice guys though and we helped them see the path.

We had an investigator come to church yesterday. His name is J---. First person that has come to church in a few months. He is a boss. Probably 30 years old and from Honduras and works down in Hoboken. He lives with his brother. But he loves having us over. Ha the way we recognized him as being interested is because he actually called us back. We contact around 50-70 people a week and only about 10 of those give us their information and we only get about maybe 1-2 real potentials from those each week. The way we recognize them is if they call us back. We are always calling all the contacts we get and trying by their houses. But man, if they call back on the phone. Woah. GOLDEN. Ha

Did a big correlation meeting yesterday in our ward. The Bishop is really trying to push President Taggart and the Stake President's vision in the ward. So us and the sisters missionaries gave a training to all of the ward missionaries. It was good. Like an hour and 15 minutes. We did the whole thing on the spot though. I guess you just get good at that as a missionary. So many times we have to just teach random lessons or things on the spot. We planned on preparing with the sisters before church but something came up so we had this big meeting to give and like 5 minutes of prep. It turned out good though. We did role plays with all the ward missionaries.

Love the skiing pictures!!!! Where is the snow! Looks like PCMR wants skiing almost as much as I do.. Ha. Thanks for all the pictures. Wow what a week. Mom, we got put in charge of our ward Christmas program too. Well really our ward mission leader but we are helping out.

"Too blessed to be stressed" - Elder Beard, my old zone leader. Haha love it.

Love you all,

Elder Sumsion

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