Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jersey City - Week 19


Woohoo we survived! What a week we had here and sounded like a crazy but fun week at home as well. Seriously, The busiest week of my entire mission, I swear. Ha we had to give lots of trainings this last week and lots of prep for this upcoming month. We had transfer conference on Tuesday and spent a lot of that night running around getting zone members their stuff. Holy smokes some missionaries have A LOT of stuff. I was amazed. On Wednesday we gave a zone meeting with all the zone there with all the new ones who just came in. Friday, we went to Morristown and Elder Bellavance and I had to each give separate trainings at the New District Leader training. All the new zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders were there and we each gave a half hour training. Ha us two and one other old zone leader was there so we were the only ones who got picked to come give trainings. It was funny. Who am I to give a training to all these new leaders? President talked a lot about how those in that room are leaders and heroes for the rest of the mission. Wow It feels so weird to be one of the old zone leaders in the mission. Next transfer I'll be an x-zone leader. To me its sometimes hard to think that I am a leader or hero to a younger missionary, but it keeps me seeking to be my best self and be an example. Ha I still have a long way to go... Hopefully my zone sees past my imperfections. I love it though. It really is fun being able to give all these trainings. Then we did a short training/role play in the English ward's ward council yesterday and then gave a training to our ward missionaries in our Spanish ward right after church. It was nuts. But for our reward we get to go to the TeMpLe tomorrow!!!

Ok so we saw J--- again this last week. Miracle lesson with a member with us! We discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he had some really good questions about baptism. We helped him answer a lot of them himself after we read a few verses and asked him questions back. The Spirit was super strong and we were able to set his baptismal date for the 28th of December. He is rock-solid. Never had an investigator like him. He texts us and tells us how his reading is going. He has been to church twice. Couldn't go yesterday. But he is doing great. Still coffee free and committed to live la ley de castidad. So excited for him

Break-through with the H--- family yesterday. They came to church! Wow what a miracle. It was their first time going since they began getting taught by two other Elders in August. So a big step for them. We had an awesome member pick them up and take them to church. We unfortunately had to leave to go to the English Ward's ward council, but we left them in good hands with the ward.

We taught N--- this past week. He is doing good. He was committed to church yesterday as well but something happened with this ride. A ward member went and tried to pick him up but they couldn't find each other or something. Oh it was a bummer, so he didn't make it yesterday.

We have been seeing some cool miracles lately. It all has started from that meeting with Elder Kacher two weeks ago about changing our mindset from our work to giving the work back to the Lord and be an instrument. Much less stress too. We are so happy to see this area improving. We have been working really hard and praying a lot to get our area an example area for the zone and now its finally getting there. We are just relying on the Lord for everything. I know that sounds pretty generic but its so true. He is taking care of us. ITs been a great week and we are pumped for the next week.

Things are going good here. Lots of rain last week but the sun is out now. Its not too cold right now. Sounds like you are having such a great time together at home. I love you all and miss you tons. Ill be calling on Christmas! Thank you for all the Christmas stuff. We got our 12 days of Christmas and we started yesterday.

Love you

Elder Sumsion

HA So pumped for PCMR and Canyons. That is sweet!!!! Its like a dream come true. Two best resorts put into ONE!

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