Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Clinton Week 17, week 41 mission - Spring time!!!

Que pasa familia,

Pretty solid week out here. A few weeks ago we were pretty low as far as numbers and investigators go but recently we have learned some new tactics and things are starting to pick up. We have had some great trainings and a lot more of just trial and error. We are figuring out what works and what doesn't. I have definitely learned somethings that will be of great use the rest of my mission. Things are starting to flow. I have learned so much about talking to people the last 4 months, its been crazy. People will not want to hear about the Gospel until you address their needs!!! That statement has changed so many people out here, especially me and the way I teach. 

Elder Class and I are doing good. We are already on week 12 of the 12 week training program!!!! So crazy how fast (and slow at times) time flies! Ha we are doing good. I think its been a little tough for him because I am younger than him. He is 20 and been through college life and he is practically married. And he doesn't think I know a whole lot about all this gospel stuff, but I dooo.....  -Ha go watch Nacho Libre if you didn't catch that joke. But we are working through stuff no worries. Definitely taught me how to communicate better! I love him and we have grown a lot from each other. 

Oh my!! Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!! It is like heavenly weather. 68 to 72 all day with the sun shining and we are in probably the most beautiful part of the mission. Clinton is pretty much a farm town. A few weeks ago I noticed how much grass there was everywhere. I was thinking: who takes care of all this grass? My companion pointed out that it was all natural and nobody takes care of it. Ha okay that does not happen in Utah. Maybe sage brush but no natural grass!! This place is beautiful. Just miles of green trees and green fields and deer everywhere. Its like the coolest thing. Did I tell you a guy, married to a less active in the Clinton English Ward,  a few weeks ago gave us a bunch of venison deer meat? Ha he is a hunter and so we got a bunch of meat from him. I love being a missionary and spreading the gospel everyday and meeting all these cool people. Welcome to the good life!

So we have been teaching this guy named Co---. I think I mentioned him last week. He is the one from Newark. So we brought him to church yesterday. Well, he went to the English ward so he went with the other English Elders, but he went to church!!!! I haven't seen a single person (investigator) come to church since I have been here. He was English but hey he came!! Ha we will be giving him to the English Sisters soon enough to work with him once he progresses more to baptism. He has a lot of problems from living in the "hood" but we will get those worked out in no time. He is the best.

.......You have no idea how much that means to me and all the stuff you have taught me. Especially the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have seen here on my mission what a home is like without the Gospel and I will be ever grateful for loving parents who follow what the Prophets and what Jesus Christ say. That is the key to happiness. A home centered on the Gospel. I know that more than anything. 

I love you, I will talk to you on Sunday!!!!!!
Elder Sumsion


Andrus- thank you for that sweet letter to me talking about your mission experiences! That was very kind of you!

Donahoos- Love you so much! Thank you for the big box of Easter candy!!! Happy to hear Connor is doing work out there.

Oh and Congrats to Lauren for Trevor coming home! 

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Our Sweet Ride

Awesome convert in Clinton Spanish Branch

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