Monday, May 12, 2014

Clinton Week 18, leaving Clinton

(We got to skype for one hour yesterday!  It was so fun!) 

Hola Familia!!!!

Transfer text came in this morning and.... Im out! Goodbye to Clinton... And hello hood... Ha no I'm messing. But yes I am getting transferred tomorrow!!! Its pretty crazy, but I'm pretty chill about it. I've learned so much in this area. The knowledge I have learned here has changed my mission and changed my life. I will be forever grateful for my time in Clinton. I will always remember this place. Im staying district leader as well. And maybe follow-up training... which means I'll have an Elder one transfer fresh. But not sure. We will find it out tomorrow. I will let you know next week. Crazy...

So this past week we contacted people from Paraguay, Vietnam, Czech Republic, and Ireland. This guy yesterday was from India. He couldn't speak a lick of English. Ha we just communicated through the Spirit I think. It was a very foreign finding week. We also tried this new part of our area, Hampton, which we went into thinking that might have appeared some new Hispanic people, but we didn't find any new Hispanic people. Ha didn't even see one. But we did find some cool people that have some potential that we gave to the English Elders. We have a good system. When we contact English people we give the English Elders the referral, and when they know where the Spanish people are that they tried to contact, they give their names to us. 

So this soccer night every Saturday is working so well! We found a few less-actives and some sweet new investigators. They all live in the Sister's area but we don't care. We are just glad to be helping anyone come unto Christ and be saved. We sort of have two districts right now. We have our Clinton district, but then we spend so much time working in the other branch with our branch mission leader and 3 Sisters that they feel like our district too. Our ward mission leader is one of my favorite people I have met on my mission. He was less active until he was about 23 then he decided to come back to church after he met an x-missionary on the bus who invited him to watch conference again. He came back to church and went on a mission at 26, and he just got back like 2 months ago to be our ward mission leader. He taught me something great yesterday. He said that missionaries worry way to much. They are always thinking about what they aren't doing right and what they should be doing instead. He said don't let those thoughts affect you. Be your best and take one thing at a time. Yes keep seeking to improve, but be proud of what you are already doing, because God is proud of everything you are already doing that is right. It helped me a lot.

I will miss a lot of things from this area. It is unique in every way and there is no other area in the mission like it. I will definitely miss the beauty of things here. We are in farm town right now. I have never seen so much green in my life. Plants everywhere and super humid dense air.  To me, this place feels like Hawaii. There is not too many other places in Jersey that are like this. The rest of Jersey is filled with buildings, roads, and people. Definitely will miss the new branch that we helped start as well.  We had a mother's day party (linger longer after church) there yesterday and I just remember sitting back and thinking how much I love these people. I expect to come back and see this place as a stake center! 

My companion is doing good. He is excited to lead this area when Im gone. Wow, Have I grown to love him through the past few months.  I have learned a lot about love and why its so important to love everyone. You never know what some people have been through in their lives. Sometimes people just need a real friend for once. And we have become good friends. 

You are the best family in the world. I love you all so much. So glad to be able to talk to you and feel your love and happiness. Keep it up family!!!

Hablamos la poxima semana,
love you,
Elder Sumsion

Neighborhood Soccer Saturday night in Clinton

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