Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Clinton NJ Week 16, week 40 mission


Wow we had a busy week! So many things going on out here in Clinton. Its been some good work. It all started off with Elder L Tom Perry Monday which was just so good. Such a powerful man. We did a question and answer session and during his answers he was pretty much quoting Preach my Gospel. Made me realize that Preach my Gospel is just the best of the best. It really is the words of the prophets and the BEST way to do missionary work. This is the Lord's way of doing this work which means it is the easiest and happiest way. 

We found this guy probably about two weeks ago. We were knocking doors and he let us right in when he saw us. His name is Cor--- and he is straight from Newark. Probably like 27 or so. He isn't Hispanic and doesn't speak Spanish but from hearing about his past we decided it probably wasn't the best things to let the sisters teach him. They cover the English over our area, but this guy was pretty hood, so we talked to the sisters and they said we can continue teaching him for a while. He is a cool guy and loves learning about the Gospel. We saw him about three times this past week. He has tons of problems and tons of false beliefs but he is willing to listen. We really got him into the Book of Mormon this past week. He is doing great!

We had zone conference this past week. It is a 7 hour meeting with our zone, the East Brunswick zone, President and Sister Jeppson, and the assistants. We have these about every 3-4 months. It is way fun and super social and also super spiritual. Nice to see my old zone again. Perth Amboy was part of them. We played this super fun game for lunch in the gym. So  we all had a bouncy ball and we put them in this box. And President takes out about 5 bouncy balls. So think musical chairs. Then we all stand in a circle and President Jeppson is in the middle with a box full of bouncy balls. So then he throws the box up (holding onto the box) in a way where these bouncy balls just go everywhere. And from there on, it is a fight to the death. You have to grab a bouncy ball and if you dont get one, you are out. So they take 5 out every round. I made it pretty far about the 5 round or so. Like 10 of us left. At this point it is all these Elders and one sister. And again President throws the balls and it just gets crazy. Just picture all these missionaries (in suit pants and white shirts) just fighting to grab one of these balls. Elders were diving and sprinting across this gym floor. It was so fun and so intense. My companion totally ripped his suit. Luckily he had a good attitude about it. Oh sooooo fun. Love this mission. 

After President gave a super good training on the Atonement and how it is the driving force behind everything we do. Especially our consecration. He went through from the beginning. Went through Adam and the fall and spiritual and physical death and the need for the Atonement to be resurrected and have eternal life. Then we watched this video of some young adults singing and seeing clips from their life when they used the Savior's Atonement. I am pretty sure every single person in that room was crying. The spirit was soooo strong. Then we listened to The MoTAB come though fount... So powerful. My faith grew so much in that meeting.

We did some service on Friday and Saturday for this running race. oh my - Saturday was the longest day of my life. I changed clothes 6 times!!!! We woke up at 5:15 and had to help move a bunch of tables for this running 5k race (think Turkey Trot) then we had to be course marshals to tell people where to go in the race and cheer people on. I figured it was a good chance to just go all out. I was cheering and yelling and encouraging people for 2 hours (it reminded me of cheering people on  in Leadville) So fun. I got so many runners who looked so dead to smile as they ran past. Totally  lost my voice yesterday on Sunday. Ha I could barely talk yesterday in ward council meeting. So fun. But after that we went home changed and went out proselyting. Then came back and I changed into my suit to do a baptismal interview for a lady the sisters were teaching. She passed and was baptized yesterday. Then we went to sports night and played soccer so I changed again. Then somebody needed a blessing after so we changed back into proselyting clothes and then finally came home and planned. Crazy day but so fun.

Service for 5K - made this balloon arch and cheered all day

We found these people from Egypt yesterday and taught them a short lesson! They were actually Christians!!!! We were shocked. They knew so little English but we could communicate. Ha it was pretty funny. We had a Book of Mormon in Spanish, they had a Bible in Arabic, but we were teaching them in English. Trilingual lesson right there. Ha 

Fun week, seeing miracles everyday. Sounds like things are going good at home. I love you all so much!!!! I love this chance to serve out here in the world's best mission. NJMM for life!

Elder Sumsion.

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