Monday, April 7, 2014

Clinton - Week 13, Week 37 mission


Hope you enjoyed General Conference. I learned so much. Watching General Conference as a missionary is just so different. We spend 6 months talking and teaching about prophets and how they always teach and testify of Christ and then when the time comes around we get to go see our actual living prophet speak to us all in this day. It is a blessing to me. It is truly 10 hours of constant revelation for my investigators and myself. I loved Elder Oaks talk in Priesthood about Priesthood keys and Priesthood authority. He explained a lot. I also enjoyed Elder Ballard's talk about following-up on things. He was just saying everything right out of Preach My Gospel in the follow-up section. I was impressed on how well he knows it but then I realized he probably wrote that part. Ha. Super spiritual Conference though. A lot about trusting in God through hard times. I think that relates to pretty much all of us. I guess revelation works pretty well... ha

We have had a solid week but we did had to drop quite a bit of our investigators earlier this week because we were not able to see them and they really weren't progressing. It is a hard thing to do to drop a real person from our teaching pool but we just have to do it at times in order to use our time to find other people who God is preparing. Well after we did that we hit about rock bottom. We were struggling to find ANYBODY to teach. We knew almost every Hispanic in this town. We were at a serious low for the first five days of this week. God was truly testing our faith to see if we would hold true. Its tough when your hands are freezing and the wind is blowing and nobody lets you in. But there is a quote which I kept thinking of a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His spiritual trainer who had coached him through the years was getting mad at him for turning the protestants against the Catholics. Responding to his spiritual leader, he said,"You wanted me to change the world. Did you expect there would be no cost?" How right he is. Just like Elder Drew Harris said that there really is opposition to all growth. Tough time but we saw miracles this past weekend.

After conference on Saturday we went by and tried this potential's house named Re---. She let us in and we taught a awesome lesson to her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She was super interested and asking tons of questions. She has a whole family we are going to teach this upcoming week. Truly was a miracle. 

Then yesterday we were contacting over on Main Street Flemington and we ran into this guy named He---. It was a pretty normal contact but then he got super interested at whatever we said and he asked if he could get a ride to church and give us his phone number. He was interested in learning more! He also showed us where a bunch more people lived that we are going to try this next week. We also tried contacting this guy yesterday who turned out to be one of our less actives we had been trying to see for the past 3 months! I had never seen him before but he knew exactly who we were. I don't know what he would have thought if we had just passed him by. 

Then last night we knocked on this man's door named An---. He immediately let us in and put up two chairs and let us teach him and his wife and his wife's brother. We were just shocked. It has been a long week of rejection, and it was such a tender mercy that he let us in. He also has a bunch of children we can teach of well. God truly lead us to a prepared family! We are so grateful.

Today we got to do a service project for some members named the Ponds. This guy, Brother Pond, is awesome. For service we were basically filling in these grass holes that surrounded this airport runway for his plane that was pretty much in his back yard. It was awesome. There were these big planes just everywhere. They are the nicest people, and he showed us his plane that was in his hanger. So legit. It was fascinating. Afterwards we were eating lunch and I happened to walk past their fridge which had a picture there family in front of this old white barn that looked super familiar. I said hey I know where that is! Thats right by my house. Ha nice to see the white barn again. 

Well off to another great week ahead of us. 

Love you,

Elder Sumsion

Elder Ragma (one of the final four) and Elder Sumsion ping pong tourney

I played the winner first and lost.

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