Monday, April 14, 2014

Clinton NJ Week 14, week 38 mission

Hellooo Family!!!!

This week has been a great test of faith and diligence. Things from last week still really haven't picked up but we are working our tails off. We were contacting the world this past week. I've pretty much got it in me to contact everyone. I have recontacted probably like 10 people this past week. Hey have you ever seen us missionaries walking around? Um yes you contacted us last week... Ha pretty funny. We mainly focus on contacting people in areas that speak Spanish. But we have really talked to a majority of them. We have been talking to more English American people too and been giving their contact information to the English elders or the English sisters. We are hoping to see blessings from that in the near future. 

When I say we were contacting the world, we really were. There are probably more people in Jersey from outside the United States than people from the United States. We contacted a Indian person, a Italian person, a bunch from Guatemala, Oaxaca Mexico, Dominican, and honderanean. And  few from El Salvador and Nicaragua and costa Rica. Egypt a few weeks ago. A Colombian woman. Ha Jersey has them all. I even contacted a guy named Yang when I was on exchange with our zone leaders. This guy was from China and had no idea about God. So its been a nice mix. The funniest/hardest part is the accents. Dominicans speak a different Spanish than Mexicans do- that's for sure. Its hard to get your brain to switch sometimes. We teach mainly Guatemalans here but occasionally we talk to some Domincans. The first probably 2 minutes are so confusing then the accent sinks in again and they become super clear. They all have their crazy slang too. So many words just don't make sense in some countries. Some normal Mexican words are straight swear words in other countries. We have to watch our tongues for sure. Its a blast though.

We went on exchange this week, as I mentioned, with the zone leaders. It was so fun. I went with our zone leader named Elder Thompson.  Super quiet but very smart and diligent. He is such a solid leader. He has like no competitive/comparative genes in him. Very focused. We taught this guy named S---.  He was from China too I think. He didn't know much about God and his main concern was why do we need to learn about God from the scriptures? Why doesn't God just tell us? We bore some pretty powerful testimony of God and the importance of the scriptures and really the importance of showing faith. We need to have faith and read the scriptures to know more about God.

Okay best decision ever: Last week we started a new Branch sports night. Which pretty much just means an hour and a half of soccer with of bunch of Hispanics. We played in this park in Boundbrook where there are just tons of Hispanics outside walking around. We would call out to everybody and ask them if they wanted to come play soccer with us. Pretty much every one said yes. We had a good game. Nice to get some solid exercise like that. So soccer was pretty much heaven.  We found a few people from it and even found a random less active that just moved into the branch. 

Last night was pretty hard for us. We had 5 lessons set and we got juked (they weren't there when we went) on all 5 of them!!!! Ha we were just thinking- no way that just happened.... Ha but luckily this one Dominican family that are old investigators( weren't progressing) let us in and fed us a dish called Mongu. Look it up. Its delicious. But then after we ate we asked them if we could share a message about PRAYER in the BIBLE.  Yeah they just said no. So pretty sad. I was heartbroken. That was probably the most conservative lesson we could have offered. But we have been working hard even though things have been super slow. We know miracles are coming. We are all in. We are giving everything we got. 

Nice job Sam getting that unbeatable record in Tennis this year. Thats legit. Hope it was a fun season. Crazy there is only two more months of school! Love you brother. I miss you tons. Keep being that awesome example that you are to me. 

With love,

Elder Sumsion

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