Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 9 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 15 Mission

Perth Amboy Halloween!


Wow so much good is going on here and sounds like there has been some major changes to the stake and ward back home. So exciting! I can't believe they split up the wards again. Sad to hear the families who are leaving the legendary Snyderville Ward. Super nuts that they put Colony and Sun Peak in the ward. The Aldens and Bensons and many others are back! Sounds like Zeke's family might have gotten switched too! Super surprising news to hear that they switched everything. I will be coming home to a much different Snyderville ward. Ha! And my amazing Young Men's President Carl Richards is now the Bishop! Woah He and Bro Peers and Bro Barrett will be outstanding. They have been some truly loving and inspiring leaders to me, and they will do great in the leadership of the ward! WoooHooo!

Thanks so much for sending all the stuff for Halloween last week! We had so much candy to pass around. Luckily we only ate about 10 pieces each then we were about done. Check out the pictures I will send of everything. Such a fun Halloween out here in New Jersey. We had to be in our apartments by 6:00 PM on the 30th and 31st because it gets pretty dangerous. On the 30th they do something here called "Night of Mischief" which is something that doesn't happen in Park City or Utah I don't think. Its basically a night a pranks, where all the high schoolers and everybody pull some crazy pranks. So yeah pretty dangerous so we all had to stay inside. But we made both nights a party! On Halloween, Elder Brimley and I ordered some crazy good Chinese food for the occasion.  Mmmmm delicious. We spent basically all night playing Phase 10. It took us about 3 hours both nights to finish the game between the four of us. Elder Vargas is a boss and totally creamed us, even after all that practice I have had at home. Ha such a fun time. And yeah ate candy as we played. But we all got sick of the candy pretty fast. Didn't eat very much at all.

Guess what!!!!! We had a baptism last week! Ha okay kind of.... He was only 9, and had to meet with the missionaries, but still: it was awesome!!  I guess he was planning on getting baptized at age 8, but he was waiting for his dad to come back from Mexico to be there! Super sad, because his dad never came! So after a year of waiting Hugo and his mom decided to have him be baptized now. So yeah once someone turns 9, it is considered a convert baptism and they have to receive all the missionary lessons. So we have been teaching him almost everyday the last 9 days and we finished about all of the missionary lessons with him and he was baptized last Saturday. The 1st Counselor did the actual baptizing. So pretty neat experience. He is an awesome kid and had a super strong desire to get baptized. It was nice to go through the whole process and be able to teach him everything. But yeah counted I guess as a convert baptism so Perth Amboy had its first convert baptism for the last couple months.

Nelson's baptism fell through. He just isn't 100% committed yet, but hey, thats alright. We are still working with him tons. S___ and Ch___ had a pretty interesting week. Full of ups and downs. We showed up to teach them on Tuesday and things were not looking good. There is always just tons of people in their house because they live in her parents house with her two brothers and all of her brother's crazy 20 year old friends are always coming in and out. We moved the lesson upstairs because either her brother was playing FiFA 2014 or her dad was watching the latest Hispanic reality TV show. Can't remember but its usually one or the other. So we were sitting in their daughter's playroom basically in the attic and we were all just sitting on the ground. But basically they told us they wanted to split up, they had been fighting tons and tons. .....We were super sad and didn't know what to do at first, but the Spirit provided and we told them they need to pray TOGETHER. Even if they were super mad. We left and the next morning we got a text that said that they did it and it went really well, with a smiley face. So yeah things are going much better with them. Its crazy to see how small things like praying and reading the scriptures change people. It truly was a miracle. When things are going rough and no matter how much we sometimes don't want to pray or read the scriptures, reading and praying is exactly what we need to do!

We are getting along well. We are one of the last four-men apartments in the mission. There is only 3 others we know of!! President Jeppson is trying to get rid of them, because they truly are less productive. I have been in a four man my whole mission and MTC, so I didn't really know the difference until my exchange last night. 

I went on almost a 40 hour exchange with my great Zone Leader Elder Bell from Saturday night until now (Monday morning). It was awesome. We focused so much in their little apartment and just had the happiest day on Sunday. He is a super great guy. He is from Bountiful. We get along super well and for that, it was probably some of the happiest days of my mission yet. We even got to do the zone numbers for the week of baptisms, lessons taught, referrals, and other stuff and send them to the assistants to the President. It was a great opportunity. I got to go to an English ward yesterday. East Brunswick English Ward. I hadn't been in an English ward since home! And guess what? This ward has over ONE MILLION people in its boundaries!!!! The Bishop, in his testimony, said they had lots of missionary work to do. Ha!

Sorry wow this seems long. Great week. Love you tons!!!
Your Son,
Elder Sumsion

Elder Shepard, Sumsion, Vargas, Brimley

Changing Colors

The Halloween candy stash (thank you friends for sending)

New 9 year old Hugo's baptism - He really wanted to be baptized!
PS - My satchel bag is working great, and I have gotten tons of compliments for it. Great idea mom!! I love it.  ( Classic Messenger Bag size: small ballistic nylon black / polybond black / ballistic nylon black)

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