Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 11 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 17 Mission

Como estan!!

I heard an awesome principle yesterday in church. God gives us commandments, so that he can better bless us. Just think about that. I will show you for example. God gives a simple commandment maybe pray. You follow it, are obedient, then you get blessed with help and a feeling of God's pure love. So God offers another commandment: read your scriptures. You follow it, are obedient, then you get blessed with inspiration. All the way until tithing. That was the essence of the talk I heard yesterday. BIG PROBLEM here in New Jersey. Nobody, very little amount, pay tithing. Super sad. But think God gives us the commandment of tithing. We follow it, and we get blessed with "opening the windows of heaven where there is not enough room to receive (the blessings)." So cool. The more obedient, the more blessings. So very cool. Ha maybe confusing, but interesting.

So this is my LAST week of training coming up. Week 12 of the 12 week program. Ha I have been gone for a few months and I'm almost a 'real' missionary. 12 week program has been great. Every new missionary has to go through with it. Tons of videos, studying, and the best: role plays!!!! Ha they are the worst, but I love them. Crazy how much I have learned from every singe role play. Its basically just practicing for our investigators. One person pretends to be an investigator and the other teaching, then rotate. Hard but worth it. So yeah, we don't really know what is going to happen next week. May get transferred, may stay. Its about 50/50 stay or go.

We had interviews with President last friday! Wow he is just the most inspirational guy ever. I love him. He went through and interviewed all 250 missionaries the last two weeks. Sounds like some hard work. He said to me that Elder Brimley is one of the missions best missionaries. I am super grateful. We have been working hard and getting great success.

Thank you so so so much for sending me my sweats, and some warm work out clothes, and the hat. Much needed. ....
We have actually been eating a lot better too. The members, I don't know why, have been feeding us less amounts of food. So sweet prayers answered! ...
We went on another exchange last week, which means switching companions for a day. My companion is District Leader so he has to go on a lot of exchanges, which means I have to as well. They are super fun. So far I been on 8 in just 11 weeks! Awesome. Last Friday I went with Elder Shepard. He is newer than me, so I was kind of in charge of talking all day. My Spanish had its first real test. We were on our own. Two new missionaries with no idea what we were doing yet, and we couldn't speak! Ha but it actually turned out to be one if the best days of my mission so far. I really had to step up to the plate with everything, especially finding, and talking. I was praying so much. Heavenly Father loves to bless us, especially when we ask.

Having a great time out here serving the Lord. Loved Elder Drew Harris' email a few week ago. About forgetting about the praise of man, and just focus on what God needs of you. Serve wherever God calls.

Read. Pray. Church.
Love you,
Elder Sumsion

Exchange with Elder Sheppard. Under The freeway.
Livin the good (hood) life!!!!!

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