Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 10 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 16 Mission

Hello Family!!!

So sorry I didn't send out an email yesterday. Totally drove all the way to the library and ,you were right, it was closed.
Crazy good week here in Perth Amboy. But man, is it getting cold up here in the NE. Leaving the grocery store yesterday, this women made mention its going to snow the nest day. Sure enough I experienced my first New Jersey snow this morning!! So pumped, but its so cold. None of it really stuck to the ground either. But hey it was definitely snowing. Havent gotten that package yet, mom. Should be getting here soon. I think the mission home has it. I should get it sometime this week. Until then... I will survive. Ha no Im okay. But really the humidity shoots the cold straight to my bones. Its piercing stuff.

So yesterday for P-day we totalyl did have some extra time. So we totally went and looked around the New Brunswick mall! You know how much I hate shopping, but it worked out because we were only there for about an hour. We were just looking for winter clothing and sweaters. And ties... Ha what else can a missionary shop for? Ha nothing has changed- I didnt buy anything. But it was fun to look around. Crazy music in there though. I havent heard so much rap and rock my whole mission. Ha it felt super weird to me. Missionary mode is settling in! Then we ate an awesome meal at Chipotle.  We randomely saw one of our less actives, Anthony, and he ate with us. He spend the whole time telling us of his ward stories in Iraq! Crazy stuff. Then we went to the church and played some hard core basketball. It is so fun to me now. I used to hate it, but now we play it so much that I am becoming better so I love it. Then we spent an hour grocery shopping and then about an hour writing letters. So pretty awesome day. Really nice to get some exercise.

We had an awesome week with S----- and C-----. We planned on commiting them to fast with us on Sunday. We got there and she was all for it, but he did not see how going without food and water would answer his questions. He said he could do it though, just didnt want too. Ha tough guy attitude. Well we basically ignored that fact and asked him what he was going to fast for. He finally accepted and fasted for his wife, daughter, and purpose in life. At church the next day they came and I have honestly never seen them in such a happy mood. Thanks for the prayers. They were great. They were laughing and smiling and even teasing us with thoughts of food. How good does a burger from that corner store sound right now? - C-----, ha he was loving it. We broke the fast with them and showed them how much happier they were with each other and how there was less contention.

Went to Familia Grande's house. They gave me this wicked hot pepper to eat. They said it wasnt even hot for them. I was in tears! So fun.

I am doing great. That week flew by! Cant believe it. I am learning so much. Spanish is getting better. I have been studying and praying tons! Its a little difficult because we arent fully thrown into it here. Most of our investigators are Spanish, but there are tons of English missionaries. SO at district meeting, the whole thing is English. It takes lots of good work to get it down. I have been doing well.

Love you tons,
Elder Sumsion 

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