Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 8 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 14 Mission

Loving Life in Perth Amboy


It is sooo good to hear from you. I am glad everything is going great at home. Glad to hear that you haven't forgotten about me and Chloe and are still thinking of us around the house. Ha things are going great for all of us. Soon we will all be together again and even happier than before. Just live the Gospel and trust in God and all things will work out! I know it!

There have been so many great things going on here in Perth Amboy the last week! I am seriously just loving it. Its getting colder so we rush to get inside homes now to teach. They said it gets absolutely freezing here because of the humidity. Crazy! So not ready yet. You know i love the snow and winter, but its different when there aren't mountains or skiing around. Its not too bad yet. I still sleep fine, not freezing yet. Our apartment is actually super nice. We have full AC and Heater. Its just cold when we get outside. ha not bad yet. Just a windy 50 degrees.

We had zone conference last Wednesday!! Probably one of the most inspiring meetings. Super fun to finally see other missionaries in this mission. The only ones I have seen are the trainees, trainers, and the ones from my zone. Zone conference is 3 zones put together. Basically it is a bunch of training and talks and food and social time with other missionaries. President and Sister Jeppson are absolutely brilliant. When President talked the whole room shook and we all got chills down our spines. No doubt he will be an apostle someday. Ha And then Sister Jeppson is the sweetest, nicest person ever. She always is smiling and singing songs when she talks to us. She always changes the words to a primary songs to something to do with what she is talking about. I love it. There is a perfect balance between them. They are the best. Super good talks about trusting in the Lord everyday and in every decision. He knows perfectly what is best for us, so why not trust Him? So good.

Baptism this upcoming week!!!! Ha hold your horses. We got a call from President Zapata (branch President) and he told us to go visit this women because her son just turned nine. His name is H___ and he is awesome. Sad story. His dad left them and went back to Mexico, and now they live with two other families I think with the same story. Mom is strong but considered inactive because she literally works 15 hours a day so she can't make it to church. The ONLY time they see each other is in the morning before school. The children practically put themselves to bed. He had an older sister who comes to church every week. She is 14. Kinda leads the family when her mom isn't home. But yeah we have been teaching him and his baptism is Saturday.

Went on another exchange last week with Elder Nava. He is natively from Mexico so it was nice to practice my Spanish with him. My accent is still a little (a lot) gringo. But I am working on it tons. Anything can happen when you pray and ask and then get to work on it. So we taught this awesome lesson to the women who had cancer. Randomly we got a call from the other Elders that this lady, N____, needed a blessing. We stopped by and she was waiting for us on the street. We went into her house, which was basically the basement of an other house. The room was like 4 in about my head. We sat down and were talking to her, but there was just people everywhere walking in and out of the room we were in. When we were ready to teach she called all of them in and they sat down. So we got to give a first lessons to these 5 people, no idea who they were. The Spirit was strong and we testified strongly. A few were really interested so we are going to see them later this week.  We gave her a blessing and then left. It felt like a dream because everything happened so suddenly. The Lord is blessing us tons.

C&S are doing well. Taught them last week law of chastity and that they needed to get married or separate before they got baptized. S____ was pretty bumbed. We were stoked though because we saw that she really wanted to get baptized. So we are working with them. Basically C___ wants to get married to S___, and S___ doesn't trust him because of his past. Don't know what exactly, but C___ was a straight up gangster in his past. He has bullet wounds and three knife stab wounds. ....... Its super crazy because he is sooooo different know. He still is pretty tough, but he has changed his life so much. His little daughter and Sheila mean so much to him. He is accepting so much, but still cant decide if he believes in God... We are working on it. S____ on the other hand would get baptized tomorrow if she could.

So much other awesome stuff this week, just like every week. Just not the time to explain them all... Ha I will explain everything in detail when I am home... Ha. (This is a joke thanks to Elder Tempest who wrote home that he was busy and told his parents he'd tell them about it when he got home - I told him he cannot do that to us!).

Last week I got to go up to Newark for the first time since the airport to watch Stake Conference.  Super awesome place. So many people and tall buildings. Kind of like NYC, just a lot filthier. Not going to lie... I felt super good up there in Newark. I really had a huge sense of peace when I was there. ...

Oh yeah BTW Check out the Newark Stake Center Chapel...!!!!! Oh my, the nicest chapel I have ever seen! It has underground parking. I heard it is the most expensive chapel the church has built IN THE WORLD!!! Absolutely beautiful. look it up if you can.

The work is going great. I love you all so much,

Your son,
Elder Sumsion
I couldn't find a picture of the Newark stake center but here is an article...

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