Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 7 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 13 Mission

Hola Familia!

Happy Birthday dad! So glad to hear that you got to spend time with the family and ride your bike. Sounds like it couldn't have been more perfect!
Crazy good week in Perth Amboy. First transfer just ended last week and so we had transfer conference last tuesday. I was super hoping I would stay with Elder Brimley here in Perth Amboy, and to my relief, I didn't get transferred!!!! Woohoo! So stoked! Another 6 weeks in Amboy! Really I love this place.  Elder Ramirez left and Elder Vargas got a calling to be a trainer! So we got a new missionary, Elder Vargas' trainee, living with us. His name is Elder Shepard. It was nice to have a change of mood in the apartment with a new face.

Me and Elder Brimley are getting along super well! We are laughing and talking a lot more now. I think that I am really starting to get used to this missionary life and my true self is coming out. Its way fun. I am loving every second of it and we are doing well by keeping ourselves laughing and smiling.

With being trained, there comes plenty of times where I have made mistakes and just completely failed. But Ive been doing my best to laugh things off. Its so much easier this way and it doesn't weigh me down. Because honestly some of the things I fail at, I know will become funny stories to tell later. Some great advice by Sister Murray: Why wait and laugh at dumb things that you did, laugh at them now!! SO true. I am learning so much. Becoming discouraged weakens your faith- PMG! So I try not to get discouraged.

This week we have been walking tons and tons from one appointment to the next. Its becoming less intense for my body though. I am getting used to it. This past week we had to drop four of our baptismal dates because people arent progressing. Ha if they only just did the things that we invite them to do, they would know of a surity the truthfulness of what we teach. Its that simple.

Ch___ last week was getting super into the lessons. He has started to sit in and listen. Last friday we taught them about the Plan of Salvation. Sh___ accepts almost anything, he on the other hand was questioning every point we made. Ha its crazy the questions he comes up with. Something about: "how he doesnt want to go to heaven if God forgives Hitler instead of punishing Hitler, and all the other people like him are there and so Hitler can enter into His kingdom, so he wonders why would he would want to be in a God's kingdom where Hitler is? Then he said: If I was God, I would be a just God and there would be no mercy!"   Ha no idea what he was trying to say... But I'm glad to see that he is progressing and at least interested.

He has billions of questions like this. But we are trying to help him see that there is still so much to learn. he is mainly concerned that people can not change. He thinks everything we say is our opinion. No, Ch___ this is God's opinion. He is right and perfect. So instead of trying to answer all his q's, we are gonig to focus next lesson on the Book of Mormon and how he can read it and them pray to know it these things are true. That one question: Is the Book of Mormon true, will answer every other question and opposition. He will be good.

Really I want with all my heart for these two to get baptized. They already know like half the ward because they are a member referral. Everyone loves them and wants to go on team ups with them.

So much fun out here! Crazy that there has already been a transfer. I am loving it.

BTW: IPADS next APRIL!!!! HA- no idea. NYC missionaries already got them.

Love you all so much,
Your son,
Elder Sumsion


 Shoutouts: (I recieved all these this past week, they were holding some at the mission home)

Eisenbarths- thank you so much for the awesome support from your family. I loved the tennis balls you sent! So excited play with some fresh ones. You are the best! Glad to hear Adam is enjoying college!

Valerie Cannon- Thank you for that super detailed letter. Crazy to hear that PC was voted as number 1! Thanks for the photo of the new iphone update. Loved it. You are always so generous.

Aunt Alisa Sumsion- I was super happy to hear from you! The letter you sent touched my heart so much. You are such an amazing example to me. Keep it up.

Butters Family/ young women- So happy to get that letter from you! Thanks for thinking about me. Oh yeah: the jokes were perfect!

Peers Family- You sent the most needed package ever! The goodies and candy are being used well. I and the apartment enjoyed them tons. We are saving a lot for Halloween party night!

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