Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 6 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 12 Mission


Sounds like things are going awesome at home. Oh I just love hearing about all the great things that are going on. I love hearing about all the normal family and Park City things that are going on. Dad- way cool that you are a teacher's quorum advisor. You will do great things there. They will need you tons. I love what you said about unity and bonding. Its so true about teaching in unity out here as missionaries. And so great that you are opening up a new office. Sounds smart and super interesting. Keep me posted about it all. Glad to hear that you are all riding bikes still. Thanks for the pictures, it looks beautiful like usual. Love it. Mom-thanks for sharing that cool story in relief society about changing your lesson. That is exactly what preach my gospel says about planning and then changing the lesson according to the Spirit. That's what I have learned out here. We spend hours and hours of planning and then in the heat of the moment, we have to be willing to throw all our plans away and follow the Spirit. Way cool. Ohh so glad to hear that things are great and 'normal' (in a GOOD way) at home. So glad I have such amazing parents and so blessed to grow up in Park City.

Oh I have to make an awesome shoutout to Elder Kip Quilter. What a stud! So stoked that he is on a mission right now. LOVED how he didn't tell anybody. Ha way to do things in his own way! He is going to be amazing out there. Definitely a great missionary and example to all of us.

AND So happy for my man Brock Deluca! Cant wait to see where he is going. He will be the best missionary wherever he goes! Really, with his awesome life story and experiences and change, he will be a better missionary than any of us out here. SO stoked!

So speaking of the yellow leaves of Park City, the Garden state has been doing great this week. I still haven't seen much of the garden part of 'garden state', just the 'state' part. Ha love it. This week has been one of the best weeks of my mission so far. We are doing awesome. The Lord is pouring so many blessings upon us this past week. I want to touch on a few.

First off we finally got to reach 22 lessons this week. Oh wow we have been working so hard for it. The people here are so acceptive, well at least to a first visit! HA

Yesterday six of our investigators made it to church. We started out with one, but then right after Sacrament I looked around and saw five others!!!! This has been one of our only weeks here where any of the people we have been teaching have came to church. It was a miracle. We talked to them after and we are hoping they all make it again next week. Its so important for them to come to church so they can hear other witnesses and feel the Spirit. It was fast and testimony meeting too, so they loved hearing the members and seeing their feelings as they testified.

Food wise- the blessings have not stopped. Actually they are accelerated. We are getting fed soooooo much. Ha I love it, but its hard. Yesterday we ate this amazing Peruvian dish with the Less active. We have a huge thing of rice, chicken, ceviche, and potatoes with the weird yellow sauce. SO GOOD. but we had been fasting so our stomachs were soo small. We were so full as we left. Then about 15 min later we walked into our investigator's house, Andres y Marisol, and they had a huge meal prepared for us. A huge plate of chicken and rice, and a Mexican fruit salad. I was honestly clenching my fists, because of how full I was. And I just had to keep eating as they then brought out a piece cake for us. So close to throwing up. Ha.  BTW one awesome realization I was called to Jersey: the Hispanics here LOVE soda. Ha I was loving it at first so much. But one day, when they brought out soda one morning for breakfast, I realized things were going too far. Ha

** So the best thing of the week so far... we got an awesome member referral named Sh___ and Ch___. We went and contacted them the first day and just knocked on their door. She let us in and we just talk to her about the Gospel and her life. She was in tears by the middle of it. Everything she was saying, we had an answer to. She kept saying: "I have just been looking for something more in my life"  "I am just looking for a hole to fill, looking for that peace"  " I just want what's best for my daughter and family." HA PERFECT: we have the answers to all that!!!! So awesome. Most prepared person I have met on my mission. Truly testifies that God is preparing people for us to teach and preparing us to teach them. All the hard work the last 12 weeks all for this beautiful family! All for them. It was truly a miracle to see. Next her "husband" (not really, just living together, but he wants to get married) walks in and we start talking to him. He is the opposite, almost an atheist. He has had a rough childhood. This guy is straight from a hood family.  We asked him, well do you want to learn more about God. He straight up just said, "well honestly, no.."  Almost no family relation at all. He super rejected everything at first. BUT he loves his "wife" and he will do anything for her. So she wanted to come to church yesterday, and he came along too! Ha with his gangster low-riding jeans and all. He is improving a lot more. We saw him last night and opened up to us tons. He explained that his brother died, that's why he feels like God doesn't care about him. We are working on that tons! He is participating more and more. So great. They are so ready.

I love you so much, Doing so much better this week!!!
Your son,
Elder Sumsion

Exchange with Zone Leader - Elder Bell NJMM 
Dinner at members house - ceviche 

Member who is leaving on a mission to LA

Perth Amboy is historic!

Elder Packer and I at specialized training!  We have the same suit!

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