Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Short Hills Week 5, Week 47 Mission

Hola Familia!    June 16, 2014

(Dad got in a road bike accident and broke his leg and has a nail and screws holding him together...)

WOOOHOOO!!!  Dad you are a stud! So good to hear that everything is alright!!!!! That sounds nuts. Crazy weekend! Way to stick it out! So glad you are alright. That is some intense hardware you have in you now. The pictures look are pretty sweet and I have to say that is quite the crack through your bone. Wow what a blessing from the Lord. I know that the Lord really does watch over us and protect us. Get better soon. How long is the recovery for that? That is pretty cool though. At least you're having fun!

So, I went on exchange this last week with my zone leader, Elder Augustine. It was so fun. We go home together and we graduated the same year as well. I swear I must have played him in a few soccer games. His parents are from Haiti and he is black and he has a twin brother and they both played soccer for the Rangers. Definitely one of those tournaments. I must have played him. But we had so fun together. He sees things differently that any other missionary I have met. He is very independent and a very good leader. He taught me a lot about being my own kind of missionary and not following the flow of missionaries just because it seems right. Each missionary has their own talents and abilities and teaches in their own unique way. I learned a lot about being a leader from him and being confident in decision making. We were working hard and just laughing all the time together. We got along super well. One of my mission changing experiences though.

We had our summer all mission conference this past week on Friday. So much fun. I will send some pictures. Basically the whole mission got together to play summer games and have fun for a few hours. It rained super hard that day so they had to move the whole thing inside into the Morristown chapel. So fun though. We played a bunch of sports/games and ate food and I got to see a few missionaries I haven't seen in forever. I absolutely love this mission. We were all laughing and having so much fun. Its cool to be around a bunch of people who are so focused on the Lord and just happy  and laughing. At the end, President and Sister Jeppson basically gave their farewell talks from the mission. Sister Jeppson sang a bunch of her little songs and President Jeppson basically told us about his whole life and why our mission's vision is TRUST. He has had a crazy life. His brother passed away when he was in high school. Then his father a few months later. Then the day before he went on his mission, he found a growth in his leg and his left leg had to get amputated. (He had a fake leg if you didn't know). Then one of his sons passed away about 20 years ago. He talked all about trust. I think we were pretty much all crying. It was one of the most powerful meetings I have ever been in. President Jeppson is one of the most inspiring, dedicated people I have ever met. I love them both!

We got to do tons of service the past week. Basically a bunch of yard work. I loved it. I absolutely love doing stuff like that in the morning. I think it should be part of our morning schedule everyday. Study then do some service before starting to proselyte. That would be heaven. Never loved it so much before.

We met this guy on the street yesterday named Ismael. We ended up teaching him a lesson. He said that he has seen the missionaries all the time but never had the chance to talk to them. He has been trying to get closer to God recently but felt super bad for some past mistakes so he felt like he was pretty stuck. We helped him see that through Christ he can be forgiven and that all he needs to do is to live the Gospel. We gave him a Book of Mormon as well. It was a miracle to find him. Super prepared. He lives in Irvington, which isn't our area but we are contacting the missionaries there for him. Such a blessing!

We are headed to NYC as a zone tomorrow for our semi-annual Temple Trip! Can't believe its been 6 months since the last time I went. So pumped though. My companion has never been there so I am pumped to go with him. Hopefully (finger crossed) that we will get to see the new video! Ha still haven't seen it.

This place is going ballistic over the world cup. Ha we have our Costa Rican fans, Mexican fans, Chilean fans, and Columbian fans. Its pretty fun. bummer to hear Spain got shredded. I'm still all for USA!!!!

Dad, thank you for being such a great example and leader to our family. Thank you for being so fun and adventurous to the point where you broke your pelvis and upper leg. I hope you get better soon. I will be praying for you! I love our family. Thank you mom as well for the help and love and support out here. You mean the world to me.

Pumped to see Alexis coming home. And Sam going to EFY!

Love you,
Elder Sumsion

This is our flag. ZONE 7 Im trying to find a good one of our zone but I don't have any.  

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