Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Short Hills Week 4, Week 46 Mission

Hello family!!!

This week was so great. I swear the time is just flying by. This has been the fastest few weeks of my entire mission. Probably because we are so busy. And I have been pretty busy with district leader stuff. I have been at it for a while now so I am trying to be the best district leader I can. Its taking a lot of time and calls, but I love it. So busy all day, everyday!

We had interviews this last week with President. They were super good. I always just walk away from the interviews feeling pumped and ready to tackle any problem. So crazy that he is leaving soon. He is such a good leader for this mission. We all look up to him and his wife so much. But, we are all preparing and so pumped for the Taggarts  (New Mission Presidents) to come though! The whole mission has been praying for them. They are going to be great!! Its only a few weeks away.

We saw Ru--- again this past week. He is doing great. He gave a talk this last week in church about his baptismal experience and his temple trip. (He was baptized in April) We helped him write it and he did such a good job. We are trying to help him see how he can bless his family with the Gospel and help them progress to baptism. he wants them to be baptized and go to the temple with them someday, but he is still a little timid about talking to his family but that's alright we are taking things into our own hands a little. We are trying to see the wife more often and the daughters as well. Things are looking good!

I went on an exchange with one of the missionaries in my district named Elder Call. He only has about 2 weeks left on his mission so it was fun to help him learn and grow his final few months but also super fun to hear about all the things he learned on his mission. I learned a ton from him. Their area is pretty tough. Not the most humble people. The houses we were knocking were pretty much mansions. A lot of people think they already have it all. Its pretty sad but we do our best to invite them to experience even more blessings in their lives. They only teach a few lessons every week and only have one investigators right now. So I have been trying to figure out the best way to help them. The area is kind of like the boss level of the mission. A lot of the best missionaries, like Elder Call, have served their final 1-2 transfers there to try to figure out how to tackle it. It was tough but we are working on a way.

We found this super prepared person named Sa--- this past week. She was just sitting on the steps of her house and we just started talking to her. We asked if we could teach her a little and she accepted. Super awesome and from Costa Rica. We were super direct and real with her and she ended up feeling the Spirit very strong and was crying and after we talked about the Book of Mormon, she told us she would read it and we could come back next week. We are pumped to see her again. So grateful for experiences like that in the mission. They are rare, and I will always remember them.

We had a Noche de Hogar yesterday with our branch at one of our member's houses. It was so much fun. They were grillin' up tons of Hispanic meat and platanos. It was delicious. Then Sister Alv--- shared a message about love. She is solid.  We met with her on Saturday and she told us all about the things she is going through. She is the only member of her family and her husband works all the time and doesn't help around the home with chores or teaching the kids. So she has 6 kids all under 17 and its been hard for her. Two of her teenage kids are in that dumb "teenage mode" where they say they don't care about the family and all the things their mom does and doesn't help out and only thinks about themselves and everything is just dumb to them. Man, I was about to throw down on them. "In two years from now your going to appreciate and realize everything your mom and dad did for you wish you never said that...So start caring about them now!!!" Ha I didn't say that but I thought it.

Loving everything out here. This is heaven out here.

A few answers to some questions: Yes we have a car, but we try to walk around a lot. Our area goes from Summit to Union to West Orange to Livingston if you want to check out a map. Yes we play soccer every Friday, but lately its been canceled. Not playing tennis. We found some paddle/pickle? ball courts like 3 minutes from our house. Never seen one before. We may try it out. Don't need any supplies for it though. We are going to ask around.

Woohoo School is out!!!!! Hope you are loving it Sam!!

Love you,
Elder Sumsion


Bishop and Rose Gay- Thank you for the sweet package you sent me this past week. I loved the letter you wrote as well. I am so grateful for all the love I feel from you and all the help from you in the Park City Ward.

The Peers- Loved all the treats you send me. Thanks also for the gift cards as well. Those will be used for the good out here. Thank you! Hope you family is doing great! Jenna, one more year of high school!


The zone leader and us three district leaders. We all graduate
d in 2013 and all under a year in the mission. We are all pretty much going home together.

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