Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Clinton Week 10, Week 34 Mission - Fastest week of my mission!

March 17, 2014  Familia!

How is everything going! This past week has been the fastest week of my whole mission. Every night we have just collapsed into bed. Every second I have had something to do. I don't even know where to begin. Things are so fun. NJMM is the best mission in the world. Seriously, Sam pray to get called here! Ha okay here we go

I finally got my haircut this last week! It was so long. I noticed it a few weeks ago and the wonderful member, Sister Bradshaw, in our ward was out of town in Switzerland. But I finally got it cut last P-day. They remind me of many families back at home.  Their son is serving in Salt Lake City South. But I heard we aren't in that mission anymore... Super nice family though. 

We had Specialized Training on Wednesday. It is pretty much a check up on all the new missionaries to see how they have been holding up the first few weeks. The new missionaries and the trainers all get to go. Just the assistants and the President and sister Jeppson, trainers, and new missionaries. So it is a blast. They split us into two rooms. Trainers and assistants in one and the new missionaries and President and sister Jeppson in another. We (trainers) got to talk about problems we are having as trainers and discuss them with the other trainers and assistants. Meanwhile, the new missionaries get to talk to the President and sister Jeppson about how they are doing and how they like their trainers. So its a fun like 5 hour meeting. Sister Jeppson always feeds us as well.

Thursday and Friday we had these big meetings called Leadership Training. It is a way for the new missionaries to receive training from President and sister Jeppson, the assistants, and the southern half of the mission's zone leaders. The meetings are 8 hours long! Everyone gets to go when they are being trained. I went back in October, now I got to go as a trainer, so it was fun to get refreshed on everything and see everyone. This is the schedule: Training, role plays, snack, training, role plays, lunch, training, role plays, snack, training, role plays, end. Did that for two days. So fun. 

Role plays are the best. President is so into them. Its where you can learn before you do it in real life. And its amazing how strongly I felt the Spirit in every role play. This work must be important if God allows us to feel the Spirit in our role plays!  It was so fun to be with all these veteran missionaries and all the new missionaries. It is a fun balance. Really good teachers, and some really 'new' teachers. Ha the new missionaries are awesome though. Super prepared. 

I really do love this mission so much. Those two days at leadership training were some of the funnest days of my mission. I love all the missionaries that were there. It is just such a spiritual and fun time. I have made some awesome friends too. There are some good hardworking, obedient missionaries in this mission. We all just have so much fun with the work. I have never been so happy before. Its a blessing to be in the Lord's service.

It was super cold a few days ago when we knocked on this door. Some guy opened and I was so ready to get out of the cold so I pretty much just said we are missionaries. Can we come in a share a message? Ha he actually said yes. We ended up teaching this guy named Carlos all about the Restoration of the Gospel. He said he believed it all. We got to apply all the things we learned at our training this last week. We knelt down and asked him to pray specifically if the Book of Mormon is true. He said a quick prayer and sort of mumbled it. We finished and I said okay now pray again and specifically ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. So we said another. He said it again. I could really feel the Spirit when he prayed. Oh it was a miracle. Such a good night. 

Your son,
Elder Sumsion

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