Monday, March 24, 2014

Clinton - New Branch - Week 11, week 35 Mission


This has been such a rewarding week. We have truly seen some miracles. Never worked so hard. I have been sleeping so well the past few days. The work has been so fun. 

First off, Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It was probably one of the happiest days of my
mission. I felt so loved. Thank you for sending all the packages and letters. I love the gift package you sent with the t-shirt, grandma's peaches, some lego figures, the funny ping pong stuff, and the food. You are the best. I love you family. Sam thanks for the Rubik's Cube. I did it again before email today and my personal best is about 2:05. You smoked me. Ha But thank you family again for that. I could really feel the love.

Also on my birthday we had a very cool experience. We had been knocking doors for a little to get our 10 contacts for the day and we had talked to about 5 people. But we knocked this one apartment door and we just did the usual Hey we are missionaries... But we just asked can we come in and share our message. They let us in. I could immediately feel the Spirit in their home. We taught both of them. Their names are Da--- and Me---. Both about 30, brother and sister. Their family and parents are back in Honduras. Super humble and they both accepted to be baptized and on a specific date. We were just blown away after we got out of the lesson. It was a huge blessing. We haven't had a solid baptismal date since I have been here. Almost 3 months. 

With contacting 10 people a day with the Book of Mormon, President promised our teaching pool will double. We have already seen the blessings of that. This past week we found 5 new investigators and our teaching pool is getting a lot bigger. We have about 7 people with potential to be baptized. Their real trial is that they just work a lot and we can't see them as often as we need to. But It is such a blessing from the Lord to have them. We have been working hard and we are really starting to see the fruits of our labors. It is some hard work. 

We also met with a guy yesterday named Ru---. He met with the missionaries off and on the last 3 years. He is from the Dominican Republic and lives with his four kids. 3 daughters (baptized a few years ago) 1 son who is not a member. His wife still lives in the Dominican Republic but she is coming this summer. He is such a humble guy. We taught him a quick lesson yesterday about the Atonement relating it to the gospel. At one point in the middle of the lesson I just had the thought to ask him how he feels about baptism. He said good like he needs to. So we testifies and committed him right there to be baptized. He said yes to May 11th! So we were blessed yesterday to have someone else ready and on date for baptism. Such a miracle week. 

Great training this last week from the assistants. Talked about three things to help our mission: UOF. U is for urgency. When we receive revelation for our investigators and members we should be sprinting to our cars to go give it to them. O is for ownership. Own your area, own your district, own your work. Be humble to the Lord, but take ownership of what we are doing out here.  F is for faith. We need to increase our faith that the Lord will give us success.  Success comes from the Lord so we need to ask for it. The quote was "Obedience brings blessings. Perfect Obedience brings miracles." More correct: "Obedience brings blessings. Perfect Obedience and FAITH bring miracles." So true... They know what they are doing.

Famous Red Mill in Clinton, NJ
Yesterday we had a pretty funny thing happen at church in the new branch. We don't really have a Gospel Doctrines teacher yet so three minutes before class started they asked us 4 missionaries in the branch to do it. It was on Genesis 34, 37,38,39. Crazy stuff. It was so tough. We just threw it together on the spot. Pulled out some doctrine from it helped the people in the class relate it. All in Spanish. Then we had to help teach in Priesthood and I gave a talk in Sacrament. Such a busy day at church.

Hope all is well. Pumped to hear about the new Stake Presidency. Sounds like such powerful men.

Love you,
Elder Sumsion

Linger Longer at the second week of the new Spanish Branch

A real  New Jersey hot dog!


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