Monday, March 10, 2014

Clinton Week 9 - Week 33 Mission

This week has been absolutely nuts. First off we received two new mission standards in the NJMM. They came from a quote in Preach My Gospel. The quote is in chapter 5 Book of Mormon, it says: 

“Please do not take the Book of Mormon for granted. Pray for a vision of how the Book of Mormon can be used more effectively in your mission. I promise that as you do so, your mind will be enlightened with the direction that you should take.” –Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

So President Jeppson took that to heart and prayed for a way we can better use the Book of Mormon here in NJMM. He felt impressed to give us two new standards: make 10 contacts a day with the Book of Mormon and carry a Book of Mormon everywhere you go in your hand. (Contacting is basically just talking to a random person in the street or knocking a door.)  Wow we have seen miracles with this. Last week our mission contacted 6,241 people total. Think about that. Now 6,241 more people know about Christ's restored church on the Earth! Crazy to think about that. And the other one is that if we are wearing our mission tags (which is pretty much always) then we have to have a Book of Mormon in our hands. Ha a comment was made about if you could just keep a copy of the Book of Mormon in your bag and not hold it. The reply was simply:  How effective are you in battle with your 'sword' sheathed? Ha pretty good stuff right there. 

The whole focus recently is to "Lose yourself in the Work" and wow that has been so true this past week. When you are constantly seeking to contact everybody to achieve your goals, all fear is gone and all of your thoughts are to do what Christ says: preach the message of the Restoration of the Gopel of Jesus Christ. Its been so fun. The days have never flown by so fast. Its crazy. Everyday I feel like I check my watch and think: No way its already 8:00! We still have so much to do today and so many people to teach and talk to and testify to. Its crazy how fast the time flies when you really forget yourself in the work.

We had our first Sunday of our new Spanish Branch. There were 40 people there! We were so pumped. I was expecting less the first time. But no this branch will blow up. It will be a ward in no time. So crazy though. Never realized how much work is put in. Everything was just a guess yesterday. This was all set up in a matter of a few days. We were talking to the Bishop and he said" ok here is the plan" and we walked into the office. There were a few lines written on the chalkboard. Pretty much just: Sunday school here, priesthood goes here, Relief society here, and then after we will have Sacrament. Ha we had no idea who would be there or what would happen. Only a few people have callings. They had to just ask this RM to teach Gospel Principles about 3 min before it started because the usual teacher wasn't there. Ha They asked us to do the Sacrament for the first Sunday as well. I haven't prepared the Sacrament or blessed it in such a long time. Wow I was happy to be doing it again. It was a fun first day.

My district leaders responsibilities are becoming easier and easier and pretty fun too. Its a lot to juggle with training and all too, but wow I have been learning to do my best and let the Lord cover the rest of it.  Just like you said mom. It really does work. So thank you.

Awesome week, thanks for the prayers. I can really feel them.

Elder Sumsion

Zone leader Elder Novokovich. Five guys behind us. Yeah just living the good life out here in Jersey

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