Monday, February 24, 2014

Clinton Week 7, first week as Trainer

Wow this has been an eventful week. So much stuffed just jam packed into 7 days. First off, I have a new companion, Elder Class, straight from the Mexico MTC. He is from San Jose, California and he is 20 or so. I told him to guess how old I was and he said hmm like 20 or so. Ha he thought it was funny that Im still 18! He is an awesome missionary, and very prepared. His Spanish is pretty good too. Best I've seen straight out of the MTC. Ha oh yeah and he loves talking about his girlfriend. So funny. 


I really have a testimony of how well the Lord knows us and loves us because of this past week. I was pretty nervous the first few days to be a trainer. I was just amazed and in shock about how I was supposed to lead an area and a new missionary when I have only been out a few longer than he has. It was pretty rough. I prayed so much for help and a sense of peace. It was one of the hardest times of my mission yet. I was exercising a lot of faith and put full trust in God, but I felt pretty inadequate for what was coming. But wow things have been amazing this past week. Heavenly Father blessed me so much with an awesome new companion. Elder Class has been so easy to teach and train. He came so prepared and ready to work. He is already a full contributing factor to our companionship. We have been working great together and are making a lot of progress. We really have been working hard and praying a lot for some prepared investigators. It has been fun.


I am back to 2 hours of mandatory companionship study again being a trainer. Its the best to look back over the 12 week training program and study all the fundamentals again. We have been doing tons of role plays and good studies. Its so fun being a trainer cause I can really control the obedience and diligence we put in. I have set the standard  and my companion is so ready to follow it. We have been blessed for our obedience this past week with some cool new investigators. We found about 6 new investigators this past week. Some of some pretty good potential. The hardest thing is still peoples' schedules. We have so many investigators we can't see very often because of random work schedules. But we have a few solid investigators we are hoping to set on baptismal date this next week.


On Friday we tried to see Ed---, one of our investigators, but he wasn't there. So we walked a few feet off and I was writing some notes in my planner and this guy came around the corner and he said "Hey, you are the Elders, I mean missionaries, right?" Um yes we are, have you talked to missionaries before? He said that he had a few years back. His name was Da--. Pretty crazy guy. Said he talked to missionaries before but doesn't believe in organized religion. He is straight from the Bronx and a little psycho. He has read the whole Book of Mormon but doesn't want to become Mormon. Said he wants to have us over again. So we are seeing him this next week and going to see if we can get him to change his life around.


Things are so warm here too. Like 50 degrees. Hasn't been this warm since October. So nice to go work without a huge coat on.  It is amazing.


We had our biggest transfer conference ever this past week. Over 60% of the mission got switched around. So everything is pretty different. They had to make a new zone this past transfer as well because of how big we are getting. We have 251 missionaries. I love this mission. 

Elder Sumsion

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