Saturday, February 22, 2014

Clinton week 6, week 30 mission, Trainer!

NJ PA border - Delaware river

Someone's car we saw buried after all the snow!
Sorry for the delay, we were out of town with no internet.

Hi Familia,

We taught this man named Ar--- this past week. Oh man he is the best. He has such a strong desire to know truth and he read the Book of Mormon this last week. He was sad we hadnt come back the week earlier. He was getting Jehova's Witness attacked too. We traded his JW Bible for one of ours. He is excited to read it. He is just the most humbled guy. He is from Guatemala  and is here working for his family who is back in Guatemala. We are going to teach him the Restoration again this week and get him pumped for baptism. He is a little confused since the last time we taught it about 3 weeks ago. Excited for him.

This week has been absolutely nuts. We got about 2 total feet of snow this last week which provided many service opportunities of guess what? Shoveling snow! HA all that hard work at home Dad and who knew I would be helping shovel driveways on my mission and spreading the Gospel by doing it! Ha.  Thank you for teaching me about how to work hard. It is a key of success out here and pretty much everywhere in life. So we shoveled out this driveway of a member for about an hour with a bunch of ice. And when we got back into the car, we saw that we had missed a call from President. So we called him back and our hearts were just pounding,  and he said "Elder Sumsion, I would like to extend the call to you to be a trainer for a new coming missionary." I was so surprised. It was the last thing I expected. Most trainers are called when they are about a year out, so I wasn't even considering getting a call. But sure enough I was called last friday to be a trainer! So crazy. I accepted the call and he said I had to be to a meeting on Monday (today) so that why I couldn't email earlier. (We can email at the church.) So crazy. District Leader and now trainer at the same time. Absolutely crazy. I am going to be relying so much on the Lord these next two transfers. I am super humbled to be called. President told us today that it is  what the Lord wants; The Lord called us. He is running this mission. I feel so humbled to be  one worthy to receive this call. So pumped. I will be praying tons this week. Its a big call for me right now but way excited to serve. 

So I will be staying another transfer here in Clinton probably two more because training for new missionaries is 12 weeks or two transfers and trainers are usually with their new companions for both. We are going to do work out here in Clinton. I still am learning so much about how to be the best missionary I can be and know I have the opportunity to teach a new missionary and be his example. So I will probably be in the biggest growth session of my life for the next 3 months. The Lord will be with me all the way, I know it. Thanks for all the love and prayers. I have felt them so much my whole mission, especially this last transfer. Thank you. 

I love you so much,
Elder Sumsion

Princeton University Chapel with Elder Aspinall

Princeton University
SHOUTOUT: Amy (and Tom) Williams- thank your for the letter. It always warms my heart to hear from you. Thanks for your love.

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