Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 18 leaving Perth Amboy, Week 24 Mission

Hello family!  1/6/14

I don't even know how to describe this past week! Really it has been nuts. Wow so much has happened. Big news though: Sh--- got baptized yesterday!!!!

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We taught Sh--- on the day before New years eve. We went over the Baptismal Interview Questions with her and she knew everything really well. We were getting pumped for the baptism. Really had to get her to stay worthy. Ridiculous how much Satan tries to attack. On New years night her Brother has a party at their house. But Sh--- remained strong and didnt drink at all!!!!! Oh man we were so excited for her. She passed a real test that night for her. 

We taught Ch--- once or twice. Man, I just love him so much. This guy is pretty crazy but just so sweet and sincere at times with us. He is really just so committed. He is so far in the Book of Mormon. He asks us almost every time when we are going to give him a baptismal date, but due to various things..., we aren't allowed to give him a date. He has to be coming to church for another three months to be even eligible for baptism. Ha just think about that one...

We went on an exchange on Friday. I went again with Elder Shepard to his area. Weird because he has only been out two transfers and me only three. So it was a super young companionship for the day. Good though because we both got to use a lot of Spanish and the members and investigators slowed down a little to help us. Ha really miracle exchange though. We taught 5 pretty good lessons with two and a half in Spanish. God was definitely given us some help with our knowledge and Spanish ability. Super fun time.

Went and taught N----- and he actually read the BOM on his own last night. First time!

Sh---'s baptism went super well after church on Sunday. The water was a little cold but everything else was good. Still in shock she got baptized. We asked who wanted to baptize her and she just couldn't decide she almost made us do rock paper scissors for it. But me and Elder Brimley talked it out. He hasn't baptized before and he leaves in three transfers, so I felt perfectly okay to let him. While they were changing back into dry clothes, we through on the restoration movie at the baptism. While watching it, I felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have before in my whole life. It was so cool to be part of helping someone find the Gospel, something that will change their eternity... So blessed to be part of it. I love this work with all my heart. The best part is when she said, "I'm a Mormon now!" ha

So last night (Sunday night) was call night for transfers. Guess what? Im gone. Im leaving Perth Amboy... Elder Brimley and I were both pretty set on that I was staying and he was going, because that's how it usually happens with new missionaries. But turns out Im leaving tomorrow... Kinda super sad. I love Perth Amboy with all my heart. Probably some of the greatest memories there. So yeah don't know where I'm going tomorrow but I will let you know. I got one other thing to tell you, I got called to be a district leader last night! Still in shock. Im going to a new area, with a new district and I am in charge of them. Oh man, crazy crazy crazy... I have to give trainings to a group of missionaries who should probably be training me! Ha no a little nervous but hey I trust that this is the right thing. I am going to be relying on the Lord more than ever before. Cant wait!!

Stay sweet family. I love you all. This church is so true. Never been so sure about anything else in my life.

Love you,
Elder Sumsion

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