Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clinton, NJ - Week 1, Week 25 Mission

I got transferred last week out west to Clinton, New Jersey. Super small town out towards towards Pennsylvania. Wow, Clinton is SOOOOOOOOOOOO different than my last area. Its like I'm in a new mission. So fun and plenty of good work to be done out here. We cover a huge area. I think it is or is one of the biggest in the whole mission. Takes about an hour and a half DRIVING from one side to the other. The Elders before opened the area and drove 6000 miles in two transfers (3 months). So it is very very big. We now get about 1500 miles a month.

The funny part  is that we are now over an English ward and there are white american English people everywhere. Ha so different than my last area where everyone was Hispanic. Yesterday at church it was weird to hear everything in English. Our Spanish area covers over two English areas. And so all six of us make up the district and all go to the Clinton ward. Last area we could walk down the street and just talk to anybody to teach them because everyone was Hispanic. Here its a little different because we cant just talk to and teach the English speaking people on the street because that's the other Elders' and Sisters' job. We are to only teach the Hispanics. 

This area just got opened for Spanish speaking too in October, so we don't have a lot of people to work with. We hardly know where any Spanish speakers are! Right now we just always hit up these two apartment complexes where we have found a few. haha its actually pretty nuts how much racial profiling we have to do out here just to find and knock on a house with Hispanic people inside.  Its taught me so much about talking to people and spreading the Gospel to everyone though. We are kind of desperate for lessons so any Hispanic we see we just have to run and talk to and we always quickly bring up the Restoration of The Gospel. Its teaching me to really open my mouth more with EVERYBODY. I love it.

My companion Elder Aspinall is just the coolest Elder. He is from Samoa and just the happiest guy. His family moved to Provo when he was young and yes he played football for Timpview and so we made some connections there talking about how awesome the Murrays are. He keeps me laughing and being positive out here. He has been in Clinton his whole mission. He is one transfer younger than me so he just got being done trained. So its crazy, we are just the youngest companionship in the mission. Both of us have been out less than 6 months and so we have still no idea what were doing but all we know is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are figuring things out together.We have about the same level of Spanish too so it forces us to speak tons. We are getting along great and trying to work harder and harder everyday.

Its very weird not having a senior companion- because its me now! I was so used to just listening to my trainer and following his lead and his work ethic. But now its me and my turn to do the leading and the responsibility of the area lays on me. Its is teaching me so much and giving me a lot more responsibility. Leading a district of 2 Elders and 2 Sisters as well is teaching me how to be confident and how to be a good leader. Its also helping me to become a great decision maker mom so yours prayers for me are being answered!! Its a good change happening in me. Its been tough, very tough to click into but its going to bless me forever. I know it. I guess the Lord is trusting me, so Im doing all I can to forget my worries and to trust Him too. Its been a blessing, maybe the biggest of my mission so far. I can really see how the mission is changing me.

I am doing good. Our apartment is super nice and we have a weight bench and bar and we went to a member's house yesterday and they gave us some weights so Elder Aspinall showed me a mean chest workout this morning. So getting ripped as well. Ha the best part though is that he plays the Ukulele, so every night I get to hear the sounds of the song: Somewhere over the rainbow. Oh wow, It's heaven... loving life.

Love you so much. Thanks for the prayers. They were much needed this past week with all my new responsibility. I'm doing much much better now.

With all my love,

Elder Sumsion

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