Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 17 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 23 Mission

Jingle with the Jeppsons - in front of the mission home.

What a good week it was for me out here! We had an awesome Christmas party and I got to talk to you all! I felt so blessed to be able to see you and talk to you again. So glad that Skype worked.

 Christmas here was super fun actually, a little bummed I couldn't be home with the family, but hey I have the rest of my life for that. So blessed I can spend two Christmases giving all my time to the Lord. There wasn't much of a buildup to Christmas out here. I remember when we used to get out of school at home and there was nothing to do but focus on Christmas day during break. But here we have been super busy everyday teaching and planning and preparing, that Christmas kind of came super quick. All of the sudden we woke up at 6:30 and soon enough we were opening Christmas Presents. 

Messy Room opening presents
We went over the East Brunswick Chapel on Christmas morning for a big zone party. Two nice families in the English Ward there made us all breakfast. Nice to have a REAL american breakfast for once. Ha. Then we had a secret santa gift exchange. Got a sweet nerf gun. Ha. Then we went to the gym and played some laser-tag!!! One of the ward members had about 20 guns, so we turned off all the lights and moved a bunch of tables and obstacles for protection into the gym and just battled. Way cool Ill send some pictures. Then we went over to the senior couple's house, Elder and Sister Smith, for a Christmas dinner and phone calls home. Funniest thing, the reason there skype wasn't working was because it was version 2.5 or so. So it asked if we wanted to update it and the newest version was version 8!! Ha classic, old people and new technology. Love it.  (I wish I could thank all these people that do these nice things for their local missionaries! THANK YOU!)

 So we have been teaching this man named N_____ for like 4 months. He is just kind of a slow learner and not much desire. We have been working with him because the rest of his family are members and they really want to get sealed. But he is just a little lazy. Comes to church every once in a while. But we have been just trying to build his testimony of the Book of Mormon with him by reading. He seems a little bored all the time and never reads the stuff we give him to read. But this last week we were reading in 1 Nephi 13 where it talks about the bible being changed, and some of the truths distorted. He started asking tons of questions and getting super interested. Cant wait to see what happens next week. The Book of Mormon and the Spirit are the two greatest tools in this work.

Taught Sh___. She is getting ready for her baptism. Being majorly temped the last week with all these parties and drinking. And got in a big fight with her mom. Her testimony is so solid though. She just loves it and keeps telling us she is ready for change and also wants to get out of Jersey. (We keep giving slight hints to move to Utah, Ha). But she is doing great and should be good to go for next week. 

The Gospel really changes people out here... I have seen it so much. It has completely turned Ch___'s (Sh___'s ex-boyfriend) life around. He has gone from an angry gangster to a God fearing man. He is loving the Book of Mormon and is on Alma 30. So pumped. 

 Our new Mission President in July 2014 is Paul and Jane Taggart from SLC, Utah!!!! Crazy stuff right there.

Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!

Love you all,
Elder Sumsion

Thank you all for the many wonderful gifts and letters for Christmas!! I can feel your love in every one of them!
Grandma gave the same tie to all 3
of her grandsons serving missions 

Tie from Grandma - Thank you

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