Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sunday Sept 1st -
We had two great devotionals tonight! One from the MTC President, and a recorded one from Elder Christofferson. We are just about to go eat dinner, then say our last goodbyes and call it good. We gave blessings today and I got  the opportunity to give one again! So cool, I could really feel the Spirit working in me.
 Anyways, We are planning to get to bed by 8 or so. We have to wake up at 2:30 AM! bus leaves at 3:30 AM. We are all packed up ready to go.
Love you tons, Cant wait to get out there. Im flying out with many people including my companion to Atlanta, then its only Elder Packer, and three others heading to NJ.
Love you so much family,
The work is so real,
The Gospel is so alive.
The Atonement makes everything alright. 
Elder Sumsion
Ben was able to call us from the airport in Atlanta.  Luckily, his flight was delayed because it took him a long time to find a working pay phone in the airport!  He sounded good and maybe a little worried not knowing what to expect as he actually gets to his mission area.  He sent another last night late after he arrived in NJ and had been up since 2:30am! 
I made it!!!!!!!!!
So easy to find the mission president and the APs. They were right there. There is probably about 20 of us new here. We got to the Mission home and enjoyed a great roast and mashed potatoes. So great. No idea whats going on. I'm absolutely exhausted. Had such a rush of information today. Tomorrow we get our assistants. (training companions?)
Love you so much! 

So glad I could hear your voice today. Changed everything

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