Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 4 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 10 Mission


How are you all doing!!! Wow thank you for all the great news and sharing with me all the things that are going on at home. First off I cant believe that Chloe (his sister) is now down at the Provo MTC! That is incredible. I am so happy for her. The first few days in the MTC are rough, so keep her in your prayers and Brett. The mission is the greatest thing in the world. Its full of hard work and change, but the rewards of bringing souls to Christ are so great. Sam, I am super glad you got my letter. I will keep sending more letters to you. Keep it up brother. You mean the world to me. Dad, so glad to hear that you are still slaying it on your bike races/rides! Ha I absolutely love how you connected that with missionary work and life. It is hard work, but there are always times of joy(downhill) on the path, and the end result is so great. Hope the hand is healing up well and the shoulder. Get ready to get out those powder skis! I love you so much dad. You are the greatest example to me. So glad I have you as my dad for eternity.

Mom (and family)- I am doing great. Do not worry. The Lord is mindful of us missionaries. This week has been one of the toughest weeks of my life, but SOOO rewarding. The mission really pulls the weaknesses out of you, if you want it to. So I have been working hard to become that great missionary the Lord needs out here. Its hard work mentally, but I can already see the success of this hard work as I am becoming a personal leader and yes guess what? Better at making decisions!!!!!!!! Ha so fun. I love it so much.

This week has been so crazy though. I cant believe how fast time flies by! Every day feels way long but the weeks just go by. I am finally getting used to living on my own now. I have been living of cereal and frozen burritos for a month and I finally decided I need to make the change and buy some healthier food! Ha so thank you for that awesome grocery list that you sent, I hope I can afford those luxuries... No just kidding I should be able to. As long as I dont get distracted by all the other delicious sugary food. Its so fun buying my own food! Teaching me tons. We are going shopping after this so hopefully I am motivated to buy some healthy food.

I am justloving it our here in NJ. My trainer and roommates are great help to me to become the best missionary I can possibly become. I have learned so much from them on how to do things and..... how not to do things. Ha its nice because we all work together to build each others' weaknesses and focus on strengths. The last four week have taught me so much about not relying on other people but relying on the Lord. I thought that the first few months out here I could just learn and sit under the wing of my trainer.... Oooh how wrong I was. He isnt training me to become a timid missionary but a bold one!!! I have learned so much about being my OWN kind of missionary, not just my companion's trainee.

We had some cool experiences this week with a few investigators. I have been really focusing on miracle and faith the last few weeks. I dont know.. maybe I didnt have the faith that these people could change their lives. But the moment I made a decision to see everyones potential and faith they can receive it, everything changed. There is this one family we are teaching and they have been together for years but not married. They have a 9 year old daughter. So to be baptised they either had to serperate or get married. We were hoping for the second. We asked them to pray about it. We came back a few days later and they said they want to get married!!! So happy. Its taken 10 years for them to make this decision. And now they can continue with their desires to get baptised!! SO excited.

Thank you so much for the packages! It was super nice to see some  of the goodies from home. I loved them all. Thank you and continue sending in your emails all your cool stories and even small and simple things that happened from home. I love hearing about it.

The work is fun and hard. But we get nice rewards! Like last P-day. Last P-day we got a $30 credit from a member to this local D.R. (Dominican Republic) market. We bought 20 Epenadas and 3 bottles of soda. And after we played a short game of Harry Potter CLUE!! HA

I love you all,
Your son,
Elder Sumsion

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