Friday, June 26, 2015

Ironbound Week 22 - two weeks to go!

Mi familia, 

Well iPads are getting hot. We got the call this last week to move to stage 2 which is all about moving our area book and planner onto the iPads. Sounds simple but think about taking a two inch binder FULL of paper and transforming all the information on both sides to a digital form. We have to put in all the info manually. Luckily, we only had to move all the data from the last 4 months, which I am eternally grateful for, seeing that I don't have to spend the last few weeks of my mission at the church filing paperwork. Ha but it's pretty sweet.

We are all pretty slow at using them. Still have to learn all the tricks, especially in planning. I think I'll be up to par in about a few weeks but they might take my iPad before that point comes. Ha so we are finding a good balance of taking time to do iPad stuff and hitting the streets. I wish we could be out more but it's not really about what I wanna do is it? Ha

Okay so this week we had some great stuff happen. We had a training on Tuesday to learn more about family history and how to use it so that we can help people find their ancestors and get them going with genealogy. It was a great training and I learned a lot. I went on an exchange this past Tuesday with my boy, elder Leilua. Straight Samoan.  I mean he didn't speak a lick of English when he got here about 6 months ago. He speaks pretty choppy English now and man I had a blast just listening to all his stories. I hear a lot of stuff from elder Aspinall about Samoa so I asked elder leilua tons of questions. He is a boss and has a pretty cool story about coming on his mission.  I guess his family wasn't super supportive but after a few months out they all got baptized! He is just such a happy guy and we were laughing throughout the whole day, even when we got drenched in rain.  We got home and we cooked up some cocoa Samoa. Pretty much the best hot chocolate ever. Ha 

we had a blast and even found a cool new investigator named M---. She is a former investigator but she explained at the missionaries just stopped coming over because her husband was never there so they weren't able to go in. So We just knocked her door and she started talking to us and she is really cool and has some sincere desires. We taught her about the restoration a few days later when I was back with elder welch and we had a team up with a 20 year old who is preparing for his mission with us. We asked if he would teach about Joseph smith to M--- and he was a little nervous but killed it. Then we invited him to invite her to be baptized and she said yes. It was cool for all of us and to see this 20 year old invite someone to be baptized for the first time in his life probably.   It was awesome. Then she invited us over for a bbq for Father's Day. I can definitely say that Ecuadorians know how to cook up some good meat. Heavenly.

We taught a sweet Noche de Hogar this past week. M---l and S--- and F-- and P--- and some other families and two RMs. Ha well we didn't have to much time to prepare 100% but we felt inspired to read about what president Monson talked about this last conference so we looked it up and he didn't talk much but he this give a talk about temples. We walk in there and start going and my boss companion asks a great question and the spirit took over and it turned into a great night.

Well last night we were nightly planning and it was like just rounding 10:00 and I close my planner and like 5 seconds later something explodes like 50 ft from our window with a super loud BOOM. the whole apartment gets super bright for a second. We both look at each other like no way what was that! We both thought it was some punk kids lighting a firework right outside our window in the intersection. We immediately pop up and run to the window. Nothing is out there. We hear this little hissing noise and then we watch this electric transformer blow up. You know those big cylinder things that are on top of power lines? That's what it was and man we just watched this thing explode before our eyes and same thing, super loud and bright and then all these sparks just floated down. It was sweet. Like a firework right outside our window. All the power was out so we called the other elders and they came and picked us up and we slept over at there apartment last night. Good stuff. But man if all the power went out in Newark, it would probably be the scariest/sketchiest place to be.

But hey! It's all good in the hood. I'm doing great. Sad to be really hitting the beginning of the end. Tomorrow is the departing temple trip. But I miss y'all's a lot so I'm happy to see you.


Elder Sumsion

Glad to see he is still having fun..... their Zone in the elevator...

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