Monday, June 8, 2015

Ironbound Week 20 - ONE MONTH TO GO

N'ork. Newark. New Ark. Nwerk. Nrk.

Hows it going family,
Solid week this last week. We saw a whole lot of success in different ways. Little things and big things all throughout the week. Its a blast being with Elder Welch. We are just good friends and maybe laugh too much now. Haha no but we are working hard and seeing some cool miracles already. Its crazy how fast the last two weeks have shot by with him. Its good being with companions at times that you are not so similar to so that you can learn and grow, but man, we are super similar and have the same sense of humor and work pattern so we are just working hard. And now without doing 12 week program with a trainee, we have a little more time to go out and hit the streets. So things are good. We are in the baptism month. Last year we hit our max in June and we are planning on blowing that out of the water. We have had a bunch of focuses on finding and now its time to really dig deep and help bring people to the waters of baptism.

D--- is doing great. Its insane how many 'coincidences' we have had with him. haha there is no doubt that every little coincidence is God's planning and timing. Things are working out too perfectly to be a matter of chance. Its been quite the last few weeks with him and he has some nuts stories of his life and he has had some crazy opposition to get where he is now, but he is on the right path and headed to freedom. It has taken a lot of faith and building him up and testifying, but he has seriously showed his faith to repentance and is taking those necessary big steps to come back. We gave him a blessing this last week. And we saw him randomly once when we were walking and he picked us up and we went and taught him. He is a beast and has a whole lot of faith. He laughs a lot but also gets into like these thinking stages were he is just sitting there thinking and we have to stop the lesson and are like- ok D---, whats up? What are you thinking about? And he tells us and its something really deep or something funny that we all just start laughing about. He has some heavy stuff to get over in his life. But he is making the right steps and talking to the right people. Its interesting how much we feel God's love for him and for us when we are with him though. I can just say God is always pleased with someone when they just take those first steps to come back. His arms are always open. He never gets mad or disappointed but he loves us and wants us to come back and turn to him.

We had a big zone meeting this last Tuesday. The zone leaders tore it up. They are such studs and we learned a lot about how to work better with ward councils and members. Its a big change by focusing and combining our efforts with the wards better. Well, its not really a big change, but its a change that brings big results. So we are excited for it. We also had an all mission fast and we all started it together through facetime on the ipads. It was sweet. We were kind of the link up spot here in Newark and we each facetimed a zone leader in a different zone and so all the zones were together on like 9 different Ipads. It was sweet. 

Well we got call from M--- this last Friday. He has some bad news that he had to head back to Ecuador and he had no idea when he was coming back. Could be months or years or never. So we went over on Saturday with the second counselor in the bishopric and we showed him where the church was down there and how he could get there and talk to the branch president down there. I wanna call up Brett and see if he can go teach him. haha too bad its on the other side of the country practically. Oh well. But he is good. I told him to add me on facebook so we could communicate. I guess thats the best way? haha weird... 

Well we have been working a lot with these two families and they haven't been progressing much and now we haven't seen them for like two weeks. We have set about 6 lessons with one of them and they have cancelled every time. Its heartbreaking but we are working with some of the other investigators. We are seeing tons of success with less actives though. We had 9 less actives at church yesterday. 2 boys are getting the Priesthood for the first time. One lady hasn't been in years, and another is working through some repentance stuff. Its been a good week.

Thank you for all the help with getting things set up for college! The schedule looks awesome. Thanks for staying up late late late. 

Tell Sam he looks like a boss working at a REAL job. Haha his bro didn't stand a chance with that. 

I love you all so much!

Elder Sumsion

skype zone conference or could be the fasting skype conference

Skype conference - they look so surprised. 

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