Monday, September 8, 2014

Jersey City - Week 5, Soccer, Teaching and Families

The fam,

Busy week. I'm just going to tell you when we don't have a busy week from now on, because life is just straight crazy as a zone leader. We saw lots of good stuff happen this past week. On Saturday we had a big ward activity that the missionaries and the ward mission leader put on. Big sports day in the park. We invited everyone. All the members, investigators and nonmembers. Super fun day. We planned it from 9 to 1 but it ended up lasting until 4. Ha there were tons of people there and majority of the ward came and a few nonmembers and it turned out to be way fun for everyone. We played a big soccer game of the missionaries versus a few people from the ward. I think it ended up 1-1 but then in the last second they scored and beat us. We had volleyball and basketball set up. Tons of food. Burgers without ketchup (Hispanics here do not like ketchup) ha but the mustard and hot sauce was definitely there. We also had Argentine chorizo as well. At the very end we played this sweet game of soccer. Pretty much a Hispanic team with two missionaries and we played against this young team from Egypt. Half field 7 v 7.  Oh it was so sweet. A real intense game with some good players. Haven't played that in a while. It was a major blessing though.  I haven't realized how much I miss that. It was nice to get sprinting again. But Sooooooo much preparation for this event. It took us hours to get everything planned and to get the ward involved and to get the food. So much work but turned out great.

We taught Ne--- twice this last week. He is reading the Book of Mormon and I recently read a talk from Drew that talks about inviting people to be baptized so we invited him and he said he wants to go to church again before he decides. So we got all pumped for Sunday, but he didn't show up! Super bummed. We are going back Wednesday and are going to really sit him down and focus on what he is lacking. President Taggart has been talking a lot about making sure the people we teach know why we are there. We are their to invite them to Christ to be part of HIs kingdom once again established on the Earth. Its not an invitation to join some church but to be part of this great kingdom. We are planning on giving him a vision of who he can become.

We are really in finding mode right now. Trying to find some more people to teach. Not a lot of people are too open about it when we contact them on the streets. We are trying to find ways to offer more service to people. Definitely something that people need here. Its crazy how much people are to themselves. Ha most of the people here don't even speak the same language whether its English, Spanish, Arabic, or Tagalog. I have been praying a lot to just find one family that we can teach and prepare for baptism and the temple. Just one for now. That's what were pushing for. I have only heard of one or two stories my whole mission where a whole family got baptized, but that's what we are going for. I know it can happen. Why would got send us all the way out here to fail? He wants us to be successful in our lives. I know it. This is about God's blessings for families and their eternal progression together. I realized this past week about how much families really matter. I have had many fun times with all of the missionaries here and all of these members and investigators, but nothing can replace the love I feel from my true family. Its some different kind of love. I can't figure it out, but its real. So that's what were shooting for. So someone else can feel that too! Feel God's love through the family.

I love you so much family!

Elder Sumsion

Softball Zone 4

Soccer with the Egyptians

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