Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jersey City Week 4 - JC Mentality

Hello family!

Wow this week has been nuts. Thank you for sending all those pictures and letters every week. I love seeing them and all the fun things you are doing together as a family. It gets me pumped to see them. I love our family. We had a very busy week. Saw tons of cool miracles in the zone too! At the end of every month we have a bunch a big meeting with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders to council about things in the mission. Lots of cool trainings from President and the Assistants. Our new monthly focus is making love our motivator and inviting people to be baptized in the first or second lesson. We did a big zone meeting this morning, Elder Drewes and I. Took tons of prep and a pretty crazy weekend but it all came together today. We have such a great zone, so many powerful missionaries. I love teaching with them and being around all of them. Its very easy to make friends as a missionary. We are all a family. 

We have two main investigators right now. One is named Ne---. Dominican. We have gone over the past few weeks and really helped him focus on coming to church. We committed him last week and he was all in to go but he never showed up on Sunday. We were bummed. We will be focusing mainly on baptism this upcoming week. 

Our other investigator right now is named Ro---. He has a wife and kids, but they are never home. He wants to learn more but is stuck in his mindset of beliefs. We are trying to help him break through the barriers. I love him though.

Had a big mission softball tournament on Monday. We won our first game, and the second game was going well until we got three outs super fast and the other zone scored on us. It was fun. The whole northern half of the mission came. Sister Taggart made hot dogs and lemonade and there were cracker jacks. Ha it was super fun. Our zone played like champs. Some solid hitters and catchers we just choked in the third and last inning we played. Fun to see all the missionaries again. 

Very tired the last few days. Super busy. Now we won't have any major meetings for a few weeks where we have to plan for. So now time to focus on some exchanges and our area as well. We are really looking to find more people to teach. Starting to contact a few more people and really bring the spirit to connect with them. Super tired. Ready to sleep. Ha I will get caught up the next few nights. Loving things out here. Its so fun being with all these awesome missionaries and people here in Jersey.

We are headed to court next week for a parking violation. Should be interesting.

Love you all so much!

Elder Sumsion

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