Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 14 Perth Amboy NJ, Week 20 Mission

 So happy to hear that Park City is still holding strong with some snow and cold weather. Ha the mountains sound like a dream to me. This past week we drove to Warren for Elder Brimley's dentist appointment. Its like on top of this little hill that the people here call a 'mountain.' Super funny.
We got some good old Jersey snow yesterday. Finally feels like Christmas time. It came just in time for that awesome Christmas devotional last night. We got to the church late to watch it because we were in this lesson with a new investigators Sandra. But we missed President Monson's talk because we though it was going to be at the end like usual. But no worries. Next year we will be there on time! Ha.
This last week Elder Brimley and I, with the help of the 1st counselor in the branch, organized a Family Home Evening at the church. We were expecting like 3 families but probably 45 people showed up. It was awesome. We taught a good lesson about eternal marriage and temples. We watched this church temple movie and then read The Family, A Proclamation to the World. After one of the coolest ward members organized some games. She set up and we played musical chairs and some other crazy games. Then we ended with some awesome mexican food of tomales and arroz con leche. It was super successful so we are doing it again tomorrow on Tuesday for some reason. I am super excited. They said they might make a rule that you have to bring a friend or you can't come. Ha
So members here have been a little slow to give out referrals and we have been working tons with referrals so it has been a little tough to find new investigators. So we took it upon ourselves to do some good old finding through our own efforts, or in other words: tracting. Ha my companion was so against it. My companion has been out for about 18 months and he said that he has always had so much work that he has hardly knocked a door on his mission. Usually here in Jersey we have enough work with just getting referrals and finding at church, but when that fails we have to do some knocking doors. So we made a goal to do it this week. After all our plans fail, we would knock. So he doubted we would have much success but the second house we knocked they let us in in a second. We have taught them 2 times since then. Ha my comp was mad that it had worked that easily but happy we found some new investigators.
This month's new focus for the mission is: Always remember Him. Its been super helpful. Like in the sacrament prayer, it says we have to always remember Him in order to have His spirit with us. The Holy Ghost will be with us more if we take time throughout the day to remember the sacrifice Jesus has made.It turns any moment happier when we sit back and offer prayers of thanks to God for the sacrifice of His son.
We have about 6 progressing investigators now and like 8 more non-progressing. S____ and C____ are progressing better towards baptism. Its a tough situation with them. L___ feels a little pressured to be baptized so we slowed down a little. We have been teaching this lady named L__M___ as well. She could get baptized soon she just needs to get work off on Sunday. As far as what we teach them, ha everything!!!! Everything from Preach My Gospel. PMG has everything we need. Much more success is coming soon. We have been working hard and been super obedient- miracles are unavoidable that means. So excited.
We went to the mission home the last week to an awesome breakfast party with the zone and President and Sister Jeppson. They made us delicious breakfast with french toast, apple cider, eggnog, and so much more. Super good. Then we played this fun Book of Mormon game and all won free ties (or scarves for the sisters). Then they gave a great devotional about Christmas.
Oh yeah I bought a soccer ball last week. So worth it. We have had so much fun playing. We have a little room in the apartment to juggle. I just juggle with Elder Vargas. He is pretty good. Played for Hobble Creek as a forward. So fun but we have broken three light bulbs in our apartment so we have to go buy some new ones now.
I am doing great out here. I am super warm with my coat and gloves. Thank you for sending everything. 

Guess what I get to go to NYC temple for your birthday mom! Ha Thursday is the day!  (This is the best birthday present ever!)

I love you so much.
Elder Sumsion

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