Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mexico MTC Week 2

Hello Family!
To answer some questions, I am doing great! Wow talk about hard work! We are working and studying all day long. Its awesome I am learning so much. Everyday I get so much new information, new ways of teaching and new ways of learning. The hard part is when I'm in the middle of teaching a lesson and I want to express all the desires of my heart, but cant because the lesson is all in Spanish. So I end up just talking in the most broken Spanish ever to my mock-investigator who is actually a Spanish teacher here at the MTC. So half my words come out in a language of Spanish words and English grammer. I call it Jiberish because Spang-lish is way more sophistacated. Its funny. But no its really not that hard and I am actually learning Spanish everyday. Its really nice because the Spirit tells us exactly what we need to say, and somehow I always have the Spanish to say it. It works out well. 
First time doing laundry away from home was nuts. Thats about all I can say to describe it. We started our wash like 3 hours before P-day ended and I threw my whites in and did everything correct just like you taught me mom. I put the detergent in and everything. I pulled them out and they had a tint of dirt on them and I was like what in the world? I tried again and even more dirt appeared. So I finally switched washers, and when I pulled them out they had the biggest tint of brown ever. They were no longer whites. We called reception and explained it and in the most broken English they said: "oh water dirty..... pipe......broken.....its sewage." Oh my when I heard that i was in complete shock. It was so unreal we all just started laguhing. There was now way, I just washed my clothes in sewage. It was actually hilarious. But it actually wasn't sewage (at least thats what im telling myself) but it didnt smell bad at all. I am 90% sure it was just dirt. but super funny. We waited like three hours and tried again and they came out white. We actually washed them twice just to be sure. So yeah it took me like 5 tries to do my first load of wash, but in the end they all came out clean. 
We have 10 people in our branch (church group) and none of them are going to New Jersey. A lot of people here are going back state side. There is only a few going down to South America. I only know two others going to New Jersey (Elder Packer and one more). I am loving it here though. 
It was super hard to get into the system but once it clicked and I forgot my self and focused on the work it worked out. We are almost full here at the MTC. Every week we get like 60 more people. Tonight we get new arrivals and we should be maxed out. I just hope there is enough room for everybody. The cafeteria is getting tight. 
So we actaully live in a casa. Some people live in dorm rooms but we live in a house with 4 rooms. Each room has 4 elders, one bathroom, one shower. Out house (yes, out house as in toilet! but he said it wasn't that bad) is like a 5 min walk from everything. So going back and forth from it gives us a good amount of time each day to just walk. It adds up. 
Gym time is way fun. I'm slowly building my basketball skills. Some people here are amazing though. Our district has been playing a lot of volleyball too. 
We get to go to the temple every other P-day but the temple just closed for cleaning and we still haven't gone. Probably in like two weeks we will get to go. 
As far as letters go... I'm loving the letters! They are nice because I get to read them all week, whereas emails we only have so much time to write. So sorry if my emails are short for anybody. We just dont have all the time in the world. The timer in the corner that Sister Murray talked about is real. It counts down from 60 min. But usually they give us more time here at the MTC because there is not a lot to do on P-day. I am so grateful for all the emails though. You have no idea how the love I felt from everyone has helped me. Thank you. Heads up though: they said letters take like 10 days to get here. So dont freak out if I dont respond right away. 
I love you,
Elder Sumsion

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