Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jersey City - Week 8 - Hit the ground running

Wow this week felt nice. We had a few good solid days of no meetings but just pure missionary street work. I loved it. We got to talk to a bunch of people on the streets and in their homes again. usually we have a meeting or zone business (Which I love going to and helping out with) but it truly was nice to just settle in and teach people this week. Found some pretty cool people topping off with Sadan and his family yesterday on Sunday.

We were just trying a few names off the ward list yesterday in the afternoon and there was one name, Sa---, that we has planned to go try and find. Turned out we found ourselves in this pretty hood street, just full of graffiti and people drinking, but we walked over to this house and found a guy named Car--- who turned out to be Sa---'s dad. He was deep blooded Catholic and not too open at first but he let us in to talk to his son. Sa--- is the cool 22 year old, from the Dominican Republic and has been here for 4 years. Baptized when he was 14 but he couldn't find a church when he and his family moved to America. He said he has been waiting for the missionaries or someone in the church to come find him to show him where the church was for the past 4 years. The coolest part is is that he totally has a desire to come to church and he is free on the weekends. We taught him about families and prayers. The dad, Car---, actually jumped in and participated in the lesson too. Truly a miracle to find them. We are pumped.

We saw I--- and the family on Tuesday. Man, it was the most touching lesson ever. I--- and Je--- were in tears halfway through it because of how grateful they are for the Gospel in their lives and how much power and strength it has given them in their family. Truly they have become such a happy family. They are so solid and active not only in the church but also in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel like they are my good friends. I am happy to come to Jersey City just so I could meet them all. There are more people like them that are out there that are so thirsty for the truth in their lives, Im just praying to find them and know what to do when I do.

So we showed up (it was planned) at S--- y P---'s house and we walk in and the first thing they said to us was," We found another Bedbug last night!" Oh my goodness. I was ready to make a dash for the door or jump out the window when I heard that. I never want to see one of those again. So we didn't want to be rude and we stayed and ate with them and taught them. But man, I was just looking over my shoulder every second looking for more bedbugs crawling on me. Luckily we found none. We have been praying so hard in our apartment so that we don't have anymore! Those things just made sleeping a pain. So we are going for miracles and praying we didn't bring anything home from their house!

We got double stuffed Mongu-ed (heavy Dominican meal) this last week. Or as we say it here in zone 4 "getting chunked" which means getting fed A LOT. So if one missionary was asking another about what he was doing that day he would say," Hey what are your plans for 6 today?" The other missionary would respond,"Oh we are getting chunked at the Martinez family's house tonight." Meaning that they were about to get fed pounds and pounds of food . Ha we ate Mongu with one member and then we planned (Kind of our fault, but totally worth it.) two hours later to learn how to make it with another member. So he taught us how to make it then we ate it. I can actually make it for you all when I get home now. Although I don't know if you would want to eat it. 4 out of the 5 ingredients are fried. Ha so not the most healthy thing, which is crazy to me because it is like one of the biggest meals in the DR. 

Things are going good. So excited for Chloe that she is training right now. And Connor too! Pray for them tons. Training is probably the most intense part of missionary work possible and requires the most trust in the Lord. Its actually the most carefully selected calling in missionary work too! Meaning their calling is a very sacred responsibility and the Lord trusts them tons. 

I love you all.

Elder Sumsion

Ha no we run three times a week. And then do body building the other days.

Getting "chunked" eating  yummy Mongu.

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