Sunday, August 3, 2014

Short Hills - We are doing Good

51 weeks to go!

July 28, 2014

Hello Family,

Wow things are going good out here. Can't believe I hit my year mark this past week. It just throws everything into perspective and how short my time really is out here. There is a part in the white handbook that says, "The period when you are able to serve the Lord with all your time and all your efforts is extremely short." I never realized how true that statement is. Sometimes the days or the weeks feel long, but when it comes down to it, it is so short. That just makes me want to work harder and harder out here. I am pumped to still have a year to continue to give it my all. This year is going to be the best year of my life so far. I'm counting on it. 

I have been studying a lot about the power to act and make a difference. I mean if you really set yourself to doing something, odds are its going to happen. I mean yes it takes a lot of patience and respecting the agency of others, but when you are all in, you can definitely see miracles.

We taught this guy named Wal---We met this guy by knocking a door next to one of our former investigators. He was super respectful and we set up a lesson for last Monday. We taught him a lot. The only thing he knew about the Mormons was all the stereotypes. We just answered his question and kept pointing him back to the Book of Mormon to read about it and pray about it. He had a lot of crazy theories about zombies, inter-space travel, and robot computers. He had a hard time believing that we were the most important species to God out there. We kept telling him we couldn't answer all his questions about these topics but if he would just read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, he would come to know that our message is true. He said he would read it but he wanted to do it on his own. We are hoping he will do it!

We had to move one of our members on Saturday. Luckily we just had to unload one of the trucks at night because we had a meeting in the morning.But while we were waiting for the truck to get there, we had a chance to talk to the kids of this member who were helping out. They are all over 18 and a few were married or close to being married. We just talked to them about what we do. They were super impressed about how the whole ward showed up at 9 in the morning to help them move and how well and organized it was. They were so happy to see us missionaries there at night helping them out. They were impressed with how hard working all these Mormons were. Ha represent. Thats what I'm talking about.

We have been teaching this Dominican lady named Lo---. The Dominicans have crazy Spanish. I love it. All the other countries sort of make fun of the accent. Its just super different and islandish. I realized that was where my Spanish teacher in school, Mr. Bevans, went on his mission. Ha but she is so awesome. Baptized in 1982. Ha she kept saying I was baptized in your church. I am a Mormon. Ha I didn't really believe her at first. That kind of stuff happens all the time out here. People think they are baptized in our church and we say ,"So you were baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" and they always say oh no I thought you were Jehovah's witness or something. Ha its pretty funny. But she straight up was baptized in our church. She showed me a picture in this massive picture book. Her with took Mormon Missionaries in the 80's. So sweet. So we are pretty much just going to teach her everything again. She hasn't been to church in 10+ years. She is awesome though.

We did another primary program thing again this week with our zone but this time in Newark. Ha a little more hood this time. Check out the kids hair in these pictures I will send. It went super good. I haven't been in the city like that for some time. Ha I forgot how crazy it was. After the program we went and ate at a Brazilian BBQ place in Kearny with the rest of the zone. Our zone is sweet. The zone leaders are way cool. Me and Elder Beard have become good friends. They are the best.

Looks like you had an awesome time on the Idaho and Montana trip! Nice job Sam for getting up first try. I have never even done slalom ski. Ha dad I hope the crutches are treating you well. Hope it heals up quick. Mom, thanks for always smiling in those pictures. Its nice to see you all again. My comp and I have been praying a lots for you all. 

Happy Birthday Sammy!!! The BIG 16!!!!!! Don't drag race too much without me. Always remember: There is no "damage off" button like there is in need for speed. And never be a Jersey driver like I am becoming. Ha good luck on those dates to!!! You are the bomb.

All is good. Just tearing it up out here.

Love you all,

Elder Sumsion

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