Saturday, July 19, 2014

Short Hills Week 9 - Mission Week 51

Ben told us that his release date is July 8, 2014 so he officially has less than a year left even though his year mark out is THIS week!  Wahoo.

Awesome week this past week. We had to dig deep and keep working through the rain and heat, but we had so much fun through it all. We are really seeking to find new people to teach. We shuffled through a few of our investigators at the beginning of this last transfer so that we could find some new people. And because of that, things have been pretty slow the last few weeks. We have torn our area book apart and organized it a few times this past week and went over all the former investigators and a lot of the potentials.

 We had been doing everything we knew how to do. But we felt like there was something more. So yesterday we went up to West Orange. We only have one  member family up there who we visit on Sunday. Probably my favorite family I have met out here. They have 2 sons. One is home and the other is at BYU-I. They are Peruvian and just the nicest and funniest people. I always feel at home at their house. Well we went there and then started trying a few less actives and former investigators. We were contacting people as we walked from house to house and they were so ready to listen to us. We have a few lessons set up this week. West Orange is pretty far from where we live so I feel like missionaries in the past have sort of neglected it. I didn't even go there much last transfer. But that place is a gold mine! Its a lot more hood than summit where we normally work. I feel like the reason we have been struggling the last few weeks is so that we would make our way to the edge or our area and go to West Orange. God has been preparing people for us this whole time! A quote from one of the missionaries in my last district: Sometimes were not being rejected, but simply being redirected. So true!

But things are seriously getting good. Me and Elder Lopez get along so well. We are so similar and both of us have been working hard. The best part is that we can always get each other to laugh during those hard days. I have never laughed so much my whole mission. This transfer I have never grown so much and been so happy at the same time. We are just doing work and laughing as we go.  When things are getting tight or I'm getting stressed I keep in my mind the phrase, "Its all good." Laughing is a stress-killer. This work is supposed to be happy.

We got to meet President and Sister Taggart this past week. Our zone and the Morristown zone all met in the Morristown Chapel. So there was like 50 of us missionaries. The Taggarts each stood up and talked to us. And President Taggart gave us his vision of this mission and what is sort of 'focus' is. They are awesome. So so so different but so perfect for this mission. Things are awesome with them here. He wants to focus a lot more on making spiritual connections and being creative and not getting into a routine. It will be good.

We taught Vi--- again this last week. He is doing great. We had brother Boggio come with us as well. We taught the Restoration to him using the pamphlets. He is just the most chill guy. Probably like 50 or so. But he is so sincere and humble. Just seeking the truth. Keep him in your prayers.

Happy to see things are good at home. Thanks for the package of cookies! We loved it. Glad you got to see my companions and Presdient and Sister Jeppson.(We went to his previous mission president's homecoming)  I bet it was awesome. Nice job Sam playing tennis against grandpa. He is good!

Love you,

Elder Sumsion

7-11 Slurpee day!

Tracting in the pouring rain!

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