Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day minus 1 Mexico MTC

July 23, 2013 Day -1

First day has been crazy. A lot of rushing around when we need to and a lot of waiting when we need to. It has been awesome though. We hopped on the plane to Dallas with about 30 other missionaries. Saw Kip right off the bat at the SLC terminal and got to talk to him. Sat with an elder who just chopped off all his hair. He said it used to be to his shoulders!

In Dallas, 6 of us including Kip and Elder Packer went and ate at einsteins bagel at the airport and went back to the terminal where we met our group and an additional 10 missionaries or so. I sat by Elder Packer on the next flight to Mexico City. We just talked for about an hour about high school and everything else. He is a really neat guy, super humble and sincere. He was fun to talk to. Flying in over Mexico City was unreal. From both sides of the plane we could see houses and buildings extending as far as our eyes could see. At the airport in Mexico we went through customs in about an hour and then saw the guy with the CCM sign for the MTC. (CCM is the Spanish term). We all then hopped on a bus and I got to use my Spanish a little because only like 3 of us knew how to talk spanish. We had to communicate (barely) with the escorts and bus drivers. They loaded us in huge yellow school busses. It was pretty awesome and they were nice inside. The city was pretty dirty but we pulled into the campus and it was super nice. There really is a 12 foot high wall, maybe 15, aroudn the whole thing. 

We jumped off the bus and headed straight in to get our big red packets. In the packets were my room key, information, and of course the nametags! Its funny because we have been away from home for like 12 hours and just got our name tags. It feels awesome to be wearing one. The MTC is so funny because it kind of late here so the place is like empty and none of us know where we are gonig. We got our packets and some worker said "Quick the cafeteria closes in 5 min!" So we all scrambled out and rushed to the cafeteria which we had no idea where it actually was except from a quick look at the map. We got there and ate pretty good food. Just normal cafeteria food honestly but wicked desserts. A bunch of sweet Mexican treats. An elder described it as sacrament bread with pixi-stick sugar on top. pretty funny. And then they let us come write home to our families. So this is it!

I'm having a great time. Its easy to talk to the elders and everyone is having a good time. Its just funny because there has been no orientation yet so we all have no idea what we are doing yet! Sweet so my p-day is tuesday so ill probably write then. Which will be a week from today.

Love you so much,
Elder Sumsion

Elder Packer and Elder Sumsion

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